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A Bloody Fight for Liberty

It was a time where no one could be their true selves. Nobody could focus on themselves. Many years later, on a dusty bookshelf, Marine reached for a journal, she got a piece of cloth and wiped the dust out of the front cover. Lighting a candle, Marine carefully flipped through the old, dirty, and half-ripped pages of the journal. It reminded her of her youth, a younger version of herself. Here is how it started… 

Many things have changed after the revolution had ended, while other things still stayed the same. Napoleon had established the Napoleonic Code, and France dominated most of Europe. France went from a bankrupt country to a strong and fearful country. Napoleon made sure that there were no more classes or privileges for the authorities. However, on the other hand, the revolution did not meet its original goal. In 1804, Napoleon crowned himself emperor and ruled autocratically. France was in a series of wars after the revolution, getting France into a similar situation of turmoil. There is still a debate about whether the bloody revolution was worth it or not.  

In my opinion, over the span of ten years, France has gone through many barricades and turmoil, and it brought many changes to Europe. I claim that the revolution was worth it. Because of the French revolution, many other countries were inspired by the enlightenment ideals that were spurred in France. For example, in southern America, there was a series of countries fighting for independence, such as Mexico’s independence fight, following up by many other countries. Overall, the French revolution created a huge change, it allowed many new ideas to spread across Europe. Without ten years of turmoil in France, those new ideas would not spread across the continent at such a fast speed.  

The Revolutionary Cry for Liberty


“Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!” people in the crowds would yell in the late 1700s. It was a bloody period in France and was exceedingly chaotic.

The image displayed above showed the chaos during the French Revolution.  The French overthrew the royal family, including the hopeless and reluctant king and queen.

It all started when the estates general were summoned, the old regime was making the country tumultuous. France was fractioned into three estates, the clergy, the noble, and the commoners. The first and second estates refused to pay taxes, as an outcome, the third estate was under much pressure. Therefore, the revolution’s intent was to alter the monarchy and completely change France into a republic. Over a span of ten years, France was ruled by different groups of radicals, the famous guillotine, and moderates. Because of the messiness that was occurring, a young, astute, and belligerent general named Napoleon rose to power in 1799 and later crowned himself emperor in 1804.

The french revolution spread many liberal and influential ideas that sparked the reforms and independent actions later in Europe, making lots of the chief concepts that were similar to the American Consitution, too.

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Flesh and Blood So Cheap – A MUST READ


Flesh and Blood So Cheap is written by Albert Marrian is a true story that highlights Immigrants immigrating into a new country in the early 1900s, mostly southern Italians and Jews, aiming to begin a new and better life. However, the immigrants faced the issue of terrible working conditions and being constantly oppressed by avaricious employers. Then, came the deadly Triangle Fire and its remembered legacy. One theme that I identified is total sacrifice often won’t result in pleasant endings, in fact, the greedy and selfish might take advantage of this void.

This book is worthy of reading because it helps us understand what life was like for the immigrants from Europe’s perspective. Flesh and blood so cheap also assist us in understanding what the garment industry was like in the early 1900s. Lastly,  this tragic event has changed and influenced so much in America, and it is good to have a historical layer of knowing what lead to what we have today.

I have learned many new things during the span of this unit. Something that was very helpful and new to me was linking parts and events that occur in the story that does not seem to have any connections and finding a way to link them together. This furthered my understanding of the event, as well as understanding and interpreting the theme of the story.




Boxer’s reputation: Good or Bad?

The Boxers do deserve a bad reputation. When the boxers trapped foriegners around the french legations for 55 days in Beijing, they also cut off telegraph lines and railwaays, which resulted in a loss of connection. As a result,  westeners were furous and eight nations came to China. China had to pay a huge amount of money for repairation. This shows that Boxers deserved a bad reputation because in 1900 the government wasn’t strong the movement, China had to pay a huge refinement. This would only damage the Qing government even more.

Hermia’s Adventure in Midsummer Nights Dream

The project that I was working on in this unit is a characterisitcs analyzation from the comedy Midusmmer Nights Dream written by William Shakespeare. I chose to do Hermia because I like how she is determind and how she has a clear sense of justice. I chose this picture for my magazine cover because she is pretty, and is similar to the character Hermia. I am proud of how much I learned about the character Hermia.

How Humanist am I?


During humanities, we learned about the renaissance and humanism. I created an infographic about what i feel is important in order to understand what humanists primarily focus on. Overall, I think that I am approximately 85% humanist. I think that because I believe that studying humanities and classical culture is essential, also with having individual thinking and rights.

The love is priceless: The Aged Mother

Parental love is the love that is undoubtedly, altruistic, unquestionably, and merciful. In the story, The Aged Mother, the protagonist is the mother and one of the laws at the time was that the older people’s lives had to be taken away. The story gives an account of a son trying to kill his mother but overthrew his will and was moved by his mother’s love. The aged mother highlights a mother’s love for their child, and how unselfish it can be.  


In the story The Aged Motherby Matsuo Basho, the author believes that parents are always going to support and sacrifice for us, therefore, we should appreciate their love to us. The aged mother was worried about his son not being able to make his way down the mountain, so, she made a path for her son :”Her son did not know the mountain’s many paths and his return might be one of danger, so she stretched forth her hand and snapping the twigs from brushes as they passed, she quietly dropped a handful every few steps of the way so that as they climbed, the narrow path behind them was dotted at frequent intervals with tiny piles of twigs.” (Basho 1). The story expresses despite the fact that the law was to abandon the elderly, and the son was attempting to end his mother’s life, the mother still manifests deep adoration and maternal love for her son by making a path for her son to make his way down from the mountain’s summit. Further along in the story, the mother ascertained her son by telling him that she has made a path for him and her words deeply touched him. The elderly mother reminds her son the path that she has made and states, “‘Let not thine eyes be blinded, my son…The mountain road is full of dangers. LOOK carefully and follow the path which holds the piles of twigs. They will guide you to the familiar path farther down”’ (Basho 2). In the words of the mother, we can tell that the love that she has for her son is substantial, and even if the law states that the elderly must be put to death, the mother thinks more and cares more to her son, the mother’s powerful words had a profound effect on the son. 


In conclusion, the support and care that we receive from our parents and family is priceless. We should cherish them. 


Conflict & Fish

Fish Cheeks” is written by Amy Tan, my poem describes the protagonist’s feeling when her family made her feel really uncomfortable. This poem is mainly about the internal conflict that the protagonist was going through. I think that the poem is describing internal conflict because the protagonist shares a lot of the thinking inside her head. For example, in the poem, there is a line called, “deeper into despair, I wanted to disappear. “, this is a thought that the protagonist had which is also internal thinking. My poem shows the concept because I added a picture of a fish, and I also split the lines apart equally.

Song for Drama Project

During this project, I covered a song called “You raise me up”. I think that this song is very meaningful and I really enjoyed this project. I have also uploaded the audio onto dragons tube.

Timeline of Earth’s History

This is my timeline along with my scale model. My scale model is a huge whiteboard. I also recorded an audio but I couldn’t upload it, therefore, I will submit that to dx.


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