Famous artist (after thoughts)

      After I finished, it wasn’t very successful because I guess, it was because I didn’t really use the correct colours and the correct strokes to create the starry night. The Starry night painting is a really hard painting to imitate and to find the correct colours you must mix each paint over and over. At the beginning I thought the painting was made out of oil pastel but as I did it with oil pastel it was impossible to create each stroke with oil pastel so I started to use paint and I guess it was better?

      For the Mosaic I believe it wasn’t much of a success either because when I was creating it was it was super tiring to look for the correct colours/tiles and that I couldn’t find any correct pieces to inspired by so I guess that was another problem.

At the end I think that I am 65 percent satisfied but I know theirs still a lot I could of changed.

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