Day One Ancient Mesopotamia Simulation Reflection

Day One Ancient Mesopotamia Simulation Reflection


During the activity, My group and I focused on the laws and architecture part. The law part which involved to think of different crimes and for use to find a punishment for breaking that law, and for the architecture part it involved us to create a bird’s eye view look at a 3-story building that must contain a kitchen and some living quarters.


Our biggest accomplishment today was to work as a group. Working as a group helped us to combine our thoughts into one answer especially for the law part. Our weakest achievement will probably still be the law part, because for finding out the punishment part we had a lot of disagreement even though we got part done. For an example, the instructions said to “Think of a reasonable punishment for the crime that you chose,” but because back then the judge sometimes decides the punishment and not the law which is the problem because here were all trying to be the judge.


In my opinion, if we were to do this again I will definitely change the speed of how fast we were working, because even though we tried our best to come up with an answer we should really pick up the pace as we think to complete each task next time.


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