The Suffering Wait

The story “Fish Cheeks”┬áby: Amy Tan is about this her experience on Christmas Eve when she was young with her family. The internal Conflict was the dilemma when she was either going to accept she was Chinese or be embarrassed about her family’s culture in front of the minister’s family, the protagonists and antagonists are both herself as the conflict is happening within herself. My poem links with the idea of the conflict as the poem states many ideas that describes in detail on how she felt during the dinner event, sentences such as, ” noisy chinese relatives”, “lacked proper American manner“, “terrible disappointment”, “my relatives licked the ends of their chopsticks”, etc. The gooey design on my found poem shows how she felt during the dinner event, the goo represents how fast the event went past which wasn’t fast, but also wasn’t slow. I chose black as it represented her mood of unhappiness when at the dinner table with the minister’s family.

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