Injustice Justice




The book that is talked about in this video is called, “Unpunished Murder” by Lawrence Goldstone. I believe the main theme in this book is “War doesn’t stop, but instead evolves slavery into more systematic racism and racially motivated violence.” Groups such as the KKK have been born after the Civil War due to disputes between white supremacists/ extremists and the federal government. These White League groups have inflicted pain and fear towards black communities for years, while the government using their minimal effort to combat the white extremist groups. (specific evidence stated in the video) The main reasons to which someone should read this book is 1, this book contains a lot of historical facts and so if you are looking for a book to learn about early US political and social history, this is a great book for you. 2, this book contains a lot of jaw dropping and unexpecting moments which if you like those type of moments this is also a great book for you. One thing I’ve learned from this unit is that expressing my opinion on a book orally with someone that is also reading the book, can have a much larger impact than compared to solo thinking about the book.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. I like how you talk about your book with good gestures. You seem very confident and comfortable when you speak.

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