Cuban Revolution Journal

Sir Jose III is a passionate, young, liberal born in a small village in SouthEast Cuba. His family/ relatives owned a small sugar farm which he was provoked to work as his parents believed it was the most ideal career path. Later, though war and experiencing bloodshed he discovers his true self.


The main intention of the Cuban Revolution was to essentially reform the ‘current’ Cuban government system by healing the financial gap/ diversity between the West, bourgeoisie, and the East, peasants in Cuba; eliminating government corrupt by terminating Batista’s regime; discontinuing public suppression, etc. Although Castro did indeed have a triumph at the revolution, allowing universal health-care, education; nationalizing factories, etc. to be implemented, many of his promises weren’t met to the expectations of Cubans; remaining constant. As Castro’s relentless communist reign expanded, Castro continued many acts the former administration utilized such as public suppression , postponing pivotal general elections, puppetizing government officials, etc.

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