Humanities Assessment


Article 13



Have you ever wondered why Percy was so down right that he was a troublesome kid in the first few chapters and was so fed up with even trying to change? Well, Percy’s life could have been less troublesome or in fact better if he was happier and had a healthier relationship with the people around him. If Percy actually knew that violence isn’t always sometimes the easy way out and he actually tried and communicated with the people around him, things might have turned out better in the first few chapters. Say for an example in page 3 of Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief, the sentence states, “Looking back on it, I wished I decked Nancy Bobofit right then and there.” This quote  supports my claim because in this statement Percy is showing a lot of aggression towards another classmate (Nancy Bobofit), but according to UMN (University of Minnesota) being more socialize, in other word having a healthier relationship and being happier can actually decrease the chance of anger/ aggression/violence according to this article, “Why Personal Relationships are important.” Another example is in chapter 1 page 1. The page states, “Am I a troubled kid? Yeah. You could say that again.” This evidence also supports my thesis/ claim because Percy isn’t building a healthier relationship with the peers around him for an example with the teacher in this situation, there isn’t a strong bit of trust between these two because Percy keeps getting into trouble, which makes me feel like that Percy is kind of more or less insecure about himself.



Have you ever wondered why Percy’s life at school was so dull and was full of a lot of unhappy moments? Percy actually could have been happier if he actually could try and communicate with the people around because happiness cannot only improve his life it can also help his mental disorders like ADHD and dyslexia. One example from the book Percy Jackson the lightning thief on page 3 the sentence states, “Looking back on it, I wished I decked Nancy Bobofit right then and there.” This quote supports my claim because according to UMN (University of Minnesota) being happier in the first few chapters actually could have changed how Percy acted with the people around like his classmates and teachers because being happier does cause less stress which can lead to less aggressiveness, because you are twice as likely to die of ADHD not because ADHD is a malignant mental disorder but because ADHD can cause more accident due to the fact that ADHD is a mental disorder.  The second example is in page 39 where it says, “Are you going to send me away? I asked her. To another boarding school?” It can be reasonable to say that Percy was going through a lot at this time of not having a father and having to get sent to another school, etc. but Percy actually could have acted in a less negative way if he had more personal relationships. According to UMN (University of Minnesota) having more personal relationships could actually help how people act because you actually can have a more people to talk to when in a critical situation like what Percy is going through in this example. Adding on, Percy failing school can also be because Percy constantly being more negative can lead to more stress which can lead to other things that can have huge effects on others after a long period of time. According to Elizabeth Cox in a TED ED Video long term negative thoughts can lead to stress which can lead to memory loss. The video also gave examples on how you can decrease stress such as taking a deep breath once in a while, go for a walk, etc. This can especially effect Percy when in school because it would make it even harder for him when he already has ADHD and dyslexia.


Coming to conclusion, even though Percy Jackson is a well-developed, amazing characters with multiple aspects that make him amazing, there are still many times where Percy Jackson could have done better with the help of these articles.



Don’t Label Me

Brian Fan

I am a son, a brother, a kid, a friend, a student and a human being. I love to do sports like soccer, football, volleyball, etc. I am a person that loves to move around but at the same time I am still someone that loves to be lazy and not do anything. I love the smell of food and I also love to make food at the same time. The sounds of the beach and waves make me calm and happy. Light blue and black make me happy. I love to watch movies that make me laugh and scared in the dark. I love to draw but I don’t like to paint. Don’t Label Me.


My biggest success was me actually building the Automata because throughout the building process i had a lot of faith in what is was doing because it really started to look like what the video said it would.

The biggest obstacle was me at the end because the pattern of the stairs was really confusing of how it worked.

A skill that I learned was learning how to drill a hole with out hesitation because in the past I was really concerned if the place I was drilling was correct and if it was straight or not, so as I was drilling it was really easy for me to drill because I’ve already done it a lot so I was already used to it.