Famous artist (after thoughts)

      After I finished, it wasn’t very successful because I guess, it was because I didn’t really use the correct colours and the correct strokes to create the starry night. The Starry night painting is a really hard painting to imitate and to find the correct colours you must mix each paint over and over. At the beginning I thought the painting was made out of oil pastel but as I did it with oil pastel it was impossible to create each stroke with oil pastel so I started to use paint and I guess it was better?

      For the Mosaic I believe it wasn’t much of a success either because when I was creating it was it was super tiring to look for the correct colours/tiles and that I couldn’t find any correct pieces to inspired by so I guess that was another problem.

At the end I think that I am 65 percent satisfied but I know theirs still a lot I could of changed.

Early Humans and Modern Funerals

We have been looking at modern humans and early humans community and seeing the difference, but we had to focus on a really specific topic in community because the community itself is a much to broad topic. The topic I chose is early human’s and modern human’s funeral which shows examples of differences between each other.

Ice Hot Cup

For these two projects the thing that I am most proud of is the cup design because I felt like a real designer that is measuring and correct each small detail of our creation and so if that there was a small detail that wasn’t fixed and noticed, that can really or might cause a huge difference in the results.

If there was something that I could of done differently it would probably be actually planning what needs to get done each and everyday before the deadline because what we did was just trying to get the project done and test, but when the deadline actually can around the corner we started to panic a little and so for some reason we started to slow down and I think it’s because we really tried focusing on the really deep parts of the prototype because the testing day was getting closer and closer. On the testing day we started to rush a lot we forgot to build or even design our redesign which was a big mistake that we made.

The hardest part about the cup was probably be building the cup on the first go because we didn’t really got time to test each material one by one so we just went with it and we tried our best using our common sense to see if each material did or did not fit on our project. On a scale from 1-10 I would probably give it a 8 because on the outside layer we added a layer of grey duck tape to cover up all the weird little pieces that nobody wants to see whiles drinking hot liquid, and it also helps block the heat that may or may not transfer onto your skin and burn you.