Literary Essay #2



Everyone thinks that winning is everything and that they think that they should do anything just to win, but in humans behavior it is normal to feel happy after winning anything.

In the story “The Race” the Todd tries to show his friend Brett that winning is not that important and that he should give up the win to help the little boy. Todd did that because he didn’t want for anybody to get and have the same fait as what they did a few years ago.

The win will get anybody’s attention, Brett never cared about the boy, not even a little because the word win got his attention and so that was his top priority. A lot of people in the world don’t care that if they or someone else getting hurt, crying, in danger or anything. People feel like if they help others and give that will think that I would rather win because i will be way more happier if i help myself, and that is normal.

At the end of the story they came out of the water safe sound, and the boy looked at Todd, smiling and knotting which means thank you in Todd’s mind. Todd knew that if he helped the boy he will definitely help someone else the next time he goes to the boat race again.

In the real world people are desperate to win and can go over board but later on they start to regret it. People who regret helping others will feel better about it the next day, but the thing about Todd was that he never regretted helping the little young boy.

Literary Essay #1

I believe that the boy in Fly Away home is a calm, unselfish, and kind boy. In the story of Fly Away Home it is about a boy and a dad loosing an apartment and has to live at the airport secretly until they save up money from his dad’s job, helping other carry luggage, etcetera . just to get the apartment back.

In the early part of the text the dad tells the boy to stay close to the crowd to stay away from airport security. He tells him to stay alert at night time because there are less people than in the afternoon where there is a lot of people around. This shows that the boy knows what is happening and understands that what he and his father his going though and not just whining out, but sometimes the boy just wants to shout out why don’t I have a house just like everyone else!

Later on in the text, the boy sees a bird getting trapped in the airport for days helplessly, but finally the door opens and finally flies out of the airport. The second he saw those doors open he knew that one day he will escape just like that bird. This shows that the boy is confident that he will soon be like the other kids with a home.

At the end of the story the his dad tells him that you need to start school, so thats why we are going to save up as much as possible to get a new home for you to get some education, but even though his dad said that he still thinks that they are going to be here for a while. This also shows that even though they have no home he still cares about his sons education and he just wants a home as much as his son does.

As you might now know the boy is a very patient and self confident person in a good way and that he loves his dad. Even though in the real world things might happen like this it is still a positive idea to to be positive in the real world to get what you actually want.

I Survived San Francisco Part 2

Morris and I finally found where Fletch and Winkie’s hide out up on the hill where they store all the things they stole. When we arrived we found holes in the sealing and crakes in the window, ” yep, this is the place,”said Morris. After we went in we didn’t find the gold but when we were about to leave we just got stopped by Fletch and Winkie, we started to walk backward but then the ground started to shake, we all fell to the floor and was trying to get cover from all of the falling bricks but it only started to get worse. We tried so hard to get up but nothing. I suddenly saw Fletch run out of the door but it was just to hard for the rest of us, but at last Morris and I escaped. We suddenly noticed Winkie was missing, we looked under the bricks and found him and pulled him out. He asked,” did Fletch leave without me?” and we knotted our heads. He suddenly started to have a red face like he was going to explode and said,” am going to help you get your gold back.” and then Morris and I had a smile on our face. When we went to find Fletch many houses were destroyed and there was a near by fire coming this way. We saw the firemen coming this way but there was no water coming out of the fire hidren ” the earthquake must of destroyed the pipe line system to the hidren,” said one of the fire men. We went closer to the fire to go and check it out but then suddenly we saw Fletch he was in the fire carrying a bag running away, we decided to go and get him but then, suddenly lighting banged onto a tree and turned it into a torch. We were trapped in the fire unable to get out. But then we thought of a way. We used a blanket to cover our tops and we rushed into burning fire and finally got out alive with some burns on our clothing.

Character: Leo is the type of person that forgives others even though they were enemies or others. Because even thought Winkie was enemy with Leo and Morris he still forgived Winkie for helping Fletch steal his gold.

Theme: I think the theme so far is that even though someone did something super bad you should still forgive them and give them a second chance.

Connection: I Have a connection because once when I was in third grade some one did something super bad but at the end he apologized just like Winkie i still forgave him and let him have a second chance.

I survived The San Francisco Earthquake 1906

Leo was a really kind charming person and he loved being the towns newsboy, this was a great opportunity for Leo to explore the streets and see lovely horse carriages and auto mobiles with friend and families walking on the street.

After Leo finished selling his papers he’d walked down the ally and before he knew it he was smashed on the wall, arms put on my back, and couldn’t move. he had a weird voice with a dangerous sound in the back. It was Fletch Sike and Wilkie, they were one of the most dangerous criminals around. When Fletch was five he attacked a dozen of stray dogs and one of then bit his neck and so on he lost his voice. Leo heard that once he was beating kids up for fun and he was caught by the police and sent away, but then he escaped and now he is here stealing Leo’s money. Leo allowed him to take all his money but he wanted more he wanted the gold nugget. The gold nugget was on of Leo’s old old relatives past on right down to Leo’s dad. The was no way to run away because Wilkie was the fastest kid in the neighborhood.

When Leo said no he was grabbed by the shirt and was being integrated in a unfashionable manor. Wilkie pulled out a bunch of junk so they both walk away laughing. I started to drip blood out of my mouth and so I slowly put my hand into my pocket and tried to find the gold to see if it was gone and at the end the gold had been stolen.(to be continued……)

Connection: Once in first grade I was once forced to give up my owner ship of my property and of what was very valuable to me just to let the bully go away so i know what he felt like to be robbed.

Characteristics: Leo is a very adventures person because he chose to get a newsboy job just to adventure the streets like seeing automobiles on the street and horse carriages.


The Lightning Thief

After I packed his bags I left my minotaur horn in the cabin. The camp’s store loaned me some money for the trip and the coins were huge, the were the size of a cookie. We were preparing to go to the other world. The Olympians never used anything cheaper than pure gold and silver. They also gave some nectar of ambrosia to use only at an emergence time like when we are seriously hurt, because this nectar can cure us almost immediately. After we waved goodbye to the other campers we hiked up the half blood mountain hill to the pine tree which used to be daughter of Zeus. On the side of the hill we were practicing how to use our magic items, but then suddenly Grover accidentally fell off the side, after we save him we kept walking because we were worried something might happen again. For first half time the quest felt real, we lift the hill with no adult or tech to help us and for real it was getting me nervous. Later when we were in down town Manhattan I found a sign saying have you seen this boy I immediately ripped it of before Annabeth and Grover saw because I thought they might worry. (Continued)


Characteristics: Percy has been a very adventures person because he had been chosen to be gone to onto this adventure and he has agreed.

Connection: My connection is that Percy has never been alone doing thing yet on adventures, trips, and work he need to do and so no madder what he’s always with his friend solving problems just like me once in my second grade life.