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Very Interesting Blog Post About Cuba in Plain English

The creator of this super interesting video is made by the people below


photographer: chuck and 1/2 of the taker: chuck

video editing and video organizing and 1/2 of the recording is done by bruce


the big idea for the whole video is to talk about how Fidel Castro overcoming a whole lot of difficulties, doing all it takes to give the civilians of Cuba a “freedom” what i wanted to show in that video is that a war is not a place for jokes, millions has lost their life for what they believed in, Batista used to have about 10,000 thousand people, that is about 10 ISBs, then they all died, at least half did. i learnt that revolutions are brutal, and they don’t succeed easily.


Very interesting blog post about the The 57 Bus (LEGIT)

The 57 Bus

The 57 Bus, Dashka Slater, the 57 bus is a new book that it written in 2017, which is a new book, I am really surprised by the popularness of the book. It can only show that the author is a fantastic writer. She is just like the writer of my favorite book Educated, Tara Westover, both of them is smart at writing and can grab you with facts. The facts pop out of nowhere, making it interesting and surprising

The book is all about being really sexist towards people with different sex and people get made fun simply because they have a different sex.

Evidence:  on page 126-127, you can see from the book that they thought it would be funny to light up Sasha’s skirt, they do that because they simply think it is weird for a man to wear a skirt.

On page 158, I would like to quote the words of “a man wearing a kilt like garment was set on fire…” you can see from this passage that they did not use anything like a-sexual or bisexual. They used the word man to describe Sasha, which is really sexist.

On page 57, Sasha asked they mom that if there is a bathroom for a-sexual people, or people with other genders, but they mom actually got angry and told Sasha to stop this Bladder and just be flexible.

People only stopped making fun of Sasha because she got famous and burnt, people use to look at her with weird eyes and they don’t act but just silently judge. Everyone loves fame, not saying his friends but the others, No H8 and everything just like that. She would just grow up in a silence world if she wasn’t burnt up

one thing that I learnt from the non-fictional unit is that non-fiction books may seem boring, but when read into them, they are really interesting, facts hit you just like how the imaginary in the fiction books hit you

how to use my stuff


you use the nostril at the heads, and they will suck the smell in and the whatever the kind of smell it is, the type will appear on the screen. but in the end, if you think the smell is to pricy, i mean like when the price of the smell or food,  you can type in the price that you want, and the smell within 500m will be shown ll appear on the screen.

huamanites boxer rebellion CER



CER paragraph


Claim: I don’ think the boxers deserved a bad reputation, because that is yuanshi kai fault.

Evidence: like what Mr. Jenne said to us during the trip, it was yuanshi kai who forced the boxers out of shan dong, which is an incredibly stupid idea. This move caused a lot of trouble with the boxers and leads to the northern Indian army killing innocent people because they simply just look like villagers. I also think that it is our right to defend our right against foreigners coming into our peaceful home country, having a bunch of weirdos just stumbling into your country would make everyone think that this is not nice. The boxers may have been acting a bit harsh on the others coming into country, but having a defense being put on is better than nothing. Thirdly, since there where a lot of Christian missionaries, and the Chinese believed in monk-lism and some believed in the kind and 天子( son of the sun). But since Christian beliefs are spreading through china. The boxers are just guarding their religion of respect to the tian zi.

Reasoning: I believe that having the rights of protecting your own religion / belief.  Everyone has their own belief and I believe that this is an incredibly right idea to do.

Light box reflection

My biggest success in this product design unit is that i realized that how important is to remember your home country. the biggest obstacle is the part of printing the layers, since the legs of the horse is really thin, the lazer  cuts the leg of horses and the horses fell off.

Skills I developed and learned Included how to use a lazer cutter, how to make a box and how to paint a really complicated cloud which is made out of red, orange and yellow. three very similar colors. I learned that it is really important to focus in class, being focused in class means that you should not get distracted by others and should not distract others.

something I like to change about my light box is the size of the horses tail , it is not as stable as others, the tail falls off when you touch it. The light box relates to the real world because the theme is an inner Mongolia’s grass land.

the feed back for my light box is that it is really interesting, because it has a lot of inner mongolia element.

i would give the future student that he did really good

overall my light box is a success to myself, i really liked it, it reminds me of a lot of things, my good old memories.


Bruce renaissance magazine



Humanist final task



Orange Photo Lean Manufacturing Infographic

Awesome Humanities renaissance infographic


Renaissance Philosophy


Small details can be important for solving big issues

Small details can be important for solving big issues


Back in the 1800 hundreds, there was a famous woman named Miss Marple. She is an old and kind looking women, with such disguise no one would’ve ever thought of this woman as a detective. The old woman should not be considered as a detective but as someone who would likely help others. This a story where a woman named Marple solves a murder mystery which takes place in a hotel, a woman named Rhodes was found dead on the bed with a dagger through her chest and …


Many big issues are solved by just a single, lame detail.  “Well it was the “‘[G]’s”’, you said she dropped her “‘[G]’s”’, now that’s done by a lot of hunting people in the books. But I don’t know how much people will do it in reality. Miss Marple broke the case and found this little detail of Miss “Carruthers” losing her G’s. She was told by Mr. Petherick that “Carruthers “is more likely to lose her G then Miss Granby, therefore Miss Marple was able to identify the true murderer. Sometimes not only you need to identify a detail, but you also have to know this person well enough.  “she had been following her for some time, and she laid her plans very clearly. The false hair and maid’s dress she posted in a parcel first thing the next morning.” On page 6(last page), the narrator now told us that it was Miss “Carruthers” killed Mrs. Rhodes, because long ago, Mrs. Rhodes drove over her child,( the short passage made no reference if the girl was dead or not  ), which drove the poor women crazy and thought of a stainless plan which eventually success. Then When Ms. Rhodes was dead, Miss Marple identified the fake hair and found the real murderer.  “Mr. Rhodes cried out: “‘But I should have seen her, the electrician would have seen her go in!”’. No, I said: “‘That’s where you’re wrong you wouldn’t see her– not if she is were dressed as a chambermaid”. When Miss Marple was told that there was a chambermaid coming in once and out once. Then she heard a detail of Mr. Petherick saying that he saw other women when he interviewed the chambermaid. No one in the world could have ever changed so fast in a blink of an eye. To this detail, Miss Marple targeted the “Chambermaid” for being the murderess. After reading Miss Marple, I noticed that one lame detail could solve a big issue. Now I know that Conan could solve a mystery without such effort.



My best found poem

found poem


This is my found poem I have created for humanities, based on the short story fish cheeks , in this poem, I will show the main characters internal conflict.

The conflict in my story” Fish Cheeks “, the main internal conflict is the main Character Amy is having a character versus self conflict and struggles between her identities of Chinese and trying to be popular. All she cares about is to show Robert the good side of herself, she is extremely embarrassed from what her family did at there x-mas lunch. For example, her dad burped out loud and which really embarrassed Amy




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