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Jerian’s Journal on the Cuban Revolution

In this assignment, we write a journal that reflects the revolution we studied in.  This is my sway.

Lightbox project


In this product design class, we created lightboxes. They are extremely fun to make, and also a very good opportunity for us to learn design skills such as using adobe illustrator, types of glue for different materials, and also creative thinking.
Skills I had improved on was using the program Adobe Illustrator. At first I thought it was really complicated, looking at all the tools and functions made me doubt myself. But after listening to Mr. Layman explaining all the functions, it was much simpler. I think I definitely improved on this area. One thing I would change in my lightbox is adding more trees. The pink blossom trees really worked out and looks great next to the temple, but I feel like if I made them smaller and increased the quantity, it would turn out better.
Overall, I think that my lightbox is a success because it turned out the way I wanted it to be and it looks much better than what I had previously expected.

Cuban Revolution in Plain English

In this assignment, we created a video about the Cuban Revolution. All of us first attended seminars about the revolution alongside with other students who are interested. After the seminars, we started making the video. Overall, I think me and my partner collaborated well. We kept communicating with each other to avoid any misunderstandings, and also distributed work pretty equally. I really enjoyed doing this unit, and hope whoever is reading this enjoy the video!

Fearless woman fighting for better working conditions

Greedy employers were exploiting immigrants that just came from other countries with wages far below the minimum wage, and poor working environments. And because the immigrants were poor, they didn’t really have a great amount of jobs to choose from. So these immigrants were forced to comply. These factors caused the triangle shirtwaist factory fire. Which was one of the deadliest workplace disasters. The factory caught on fire, and the workers couldn’t get out because the doors were locked to prevent unnecessary breaks and theft. More than 150 people were trapped inside the building, suffocating and burning to death, the workers knew that staying in the building was certain death. Then they decided to jump off the building, more than 62 people died landing on the sidewalk. William G. Shepherd, a reporter for United Press. Stated that: The floods of water from the firemen’s hose that ran into the gutter was actually stained red with blood.” On that day, 146 workers were killed. This event clearly shows that not only do the immigrants work in places with poor safety systems, and also how employers have no regard for employees life.

Boxer Rebellion CER

The Boxers deserve a bad rap because they attacked legations in Beijing, killed countless Christians, and also destroyed churches, train stations, railways, and telegraph lines. Although the Boxers wanted to defend their own country, their actions to achieve this goal makes them deserve a bad reputation.

These people originated from Shan Dong. Shan Dong was a place that often-had droughts, and this made the crops unable to grow. People from the villages prayed for rain but it did not come. They think that it was because the church that was newly built blocked the sky so the rain didn’t come. This caused them to attack the foreigners. The Boxers blew up churches, killing  countless foreigners.

The governor of Shan Dong-Yuan Shi Kai, drove the Boxers out of the province. They started to head north. The Boxers attacked Christian communities along the way and ended up in Beijing. On June 6, 1900, the Boxers destroyed the Beijing-Tian Jin railway to cut off the foreign legations. A few days later, a Japanese chancellor was assassinated. In result, people who worked at the legation hid in the legation quarter, fearing for their lives. In the outside world, everyone thought that they were already killed by the boxers. This was because the Boxers also cut off the telegraph lines which made the legations unable to communicate with the outside world.

Another example was in Shanxi, many foreigners went to hide in the governor’s house. But they did not know that the governor already planned an ambush with the Boxers. The moment the foreigners came into the courtyard, the boxers came rushing in. Massacring everyone.

Some may think the Boxers showed patriotism, and shouldn’t deserve a bad rap. But all the killings and destroying buildings justified that they deserve a bad rap. These incidents could have been prevented if the boxers did not blindly attack foreigners, and actually thought clearly of their actions and beliefs.


The Monkey Paw Theme

Warnings are used to prevent us from doing certain activities, mostly dangerous ones. If you choose to ignore them, you would most likely get into trouble. The theme in “The Monkey Paw” is that ignoring warnings could result in horrible consequences. The monkey’s paw was a special souvenir that was brought back from India by a soldier named Morris. The owner of the monkey’s paw can make three wishes, but in order to achieve them, you would have to pay a huge price.

Things have gone wrong when Morris used the paw, this was shown in the story when Mr. White asked, ‘Well, why don’t you have three wishes?’ said Mr. White. The soldier looked at him as if he were a foolish boy. ‘I have,’ he said quietly, and his red face whitened” (Jacob 1). When Morris was asked about his wishes, his face turned white. This implies that Morris got into trouble when he used the paw. Since he doesn’t want to keep it anymore, he threw the paw into the fire, but Mr. White quickly recovered it. Morris started to warn Mr. White by saying, “Better let it burn,’ said the soldier. ‘If you don’t want it, give it to me, Morris.’ ‘No. I threw it on the fire. If you keep it, don’t then say that it is my fault. Be sensible – throw it on the fire again” (Jacob 2)! Morris strongly urges Mr. White not to keep it, but he ignored Morris and used the paw to wish for 200 pounds. This was shown when he said, “I wish for two hundred pounds,’ said the old man distinctly” (Jacob 3). Morris once again warns him by saying, “But I warn you of the consequences” (Jacob 2). The next day, Herbert was trapped in a machine and was killed during work. The people from the company that Herbert worked for came to Mr. White’s house to deliver the news. They said, “In consideration of your son’s services they wish to give you a certain amount of money as compensation.’ ‘How much?’ he said. ‘Two hundred pounds” (Jacob 4). 200 pounds was the amount that Mr. White wished for. He got the money, but he lost his son. If Mr. White didn’t ignore Morris’s warnings, Herbert’s death would’ve been prevented.

In conclusion, ignoring warnings could cause severe consequences because Morris warned Mr. White to throw the paw away but he didn’t listen. Instead, he wished for 200 pounds. Even though Mr. White got 200 pounds, Herbert died because of it.


Found Poem – The Last Kiss

The external conflict in The Last Kiss by Ralph Fletcher is the author losing goodnight kisses from her parents. My found poem shows that the author gets kisses every night from his dad and mom. Then as time goes by, the author grows older and gets turned down while asking for goodnight kisses from his dad. Instead of giving a kiss, his dad said, “Well, good night then.” After several tries later, he later realizes that he is too old to get goodnight kisses from his/her dad, and one day he will also lose his mom’s as well. I didn’t really have any drawings on it, but I covered all the other words with a black marker and left the words in the found poem white.

Recreating Art (Drama)




I did a project where you have to recreate artworks. I think it’s really cool because you can use things that you have at home to use in this project. I learned to be more creative and to try different ideas.

SARS vs Black Death



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