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Video of app in function

By: Bryan Tang

  • I used to think that robotic is just coding and is very easy, but now i think that robotic is not just coding but also building, also i realised that coding isn’t easy at all. I also used to think that it will be very boring and not interesting because u just sit on the computer and just type.


  • My friend is having a hard time to pick which shirt to wear and what color because he have alot of cool shirts that he want to wear, but he don’t know which. This app will help him to choose which shirt and it can also prioritizes on which shirt he want to wear more bot still not so sure.


  • I tried to make this app as simple as I can and also it has different abilities like prioritizing and an entertaining feature. Also, I didn’t add a lot of features or else it will be too hard to understand. I think making it simple will be better and more efficient to use.


  • My app is a good quality app because it has a clean background and not a lot of messy stuff like other apps, forexample some apps have some messy and crazy background and a very futuristic button to start randomizing. The function of my app is to randomise stuff that you typed into the textbox, then it will switch to screen 2 and it will show one of the text that the customer typed.


  • The strength of this app is that there is a priority system and a fun entertaning feature to click when the customer is bored. But the bad thing about this app is that there is only 4 choice and if the customer have more choices he can not type it but to type 4 choices then type another 4 choices.



Below is coding of screen 1



When the start button is clicked it will start randomising the choices. There is 10 items in total and there is 4 Choice_1 so that means it is 40% chance of getting that. And the below one is to go to screen 2 when clicked and start value is basicly sending the code to screen 2
















<<–– On the left is coding of screen 2


The first code is meaning that the  global “random” is set to whatever the text says.

Second code is to tell the global random to get the value that was sent in screen1(the randomised text)

And then the last one is getting the global “randomised” that just got the start value, so then it will show the randomised text


And then the Go_Back_Button is to go back to screen1.