The book  i’m going to tell about is called “Lost in the Antarctic” by Tod Olson. This book is about an real event that happened during the World War I. In this book a very famous Antarctic explorer Shakleton and his crewmates were stuck in the Antarctic and they were trying to survive and return to their homes. Tod Olson believed that Hope often helps people to believe and trust.

You should definetly read this book as theres a lot of interesting areas in the book such as describing how harsh it was in the Antarctic for example how cold and terrible it was to be on the ice travelling and how much fun they had playing sports on the ice. It is like as if you were really stuck in the Antarctic with them. Also, in the book there is a lot of pictures that was tooken by the crews members, the pictures have cute animals such as puppies and penguins as well as the mountains in the Antarctic and the ship itself. Last but not least, the event that happened in the book actually happened in the real world so while you are enjoying the book you are also learning the history.

One thing I learned from this book is that no matter how little chances you have, it is always worth a try. Before, when there was only a little chance I would just stop but once after i fnished the book I know that even when theres only a little chance it is still worth a shot to try.