How the Chinese Cultural Revolution Caused a Historic Change

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The  causes of the Chinese Cultural Revolution were because that in order to reassert his authority over the Chinese government, Mao Zedong tried to use the Revolution to reassert his control over the Communist Party.  Although millions of civilians died, tortured and suffered humiliation. The revolution was a big change for China, the revolution helped China made a sharp turn towards the international economy and market, peasants were able to have a greater choice, being able to choose different crops and creating other small industries and others. However, some continued to be the same, farmers are still farming and suffering from hunger, but for the long-term, it will impact China for a long time and help China developing.



  1. Hello Bryan and Lucas,

    Great Video! Love the use of music to increase intensity and the change of tones in your voice!

    I am doing the French Revolution, and I noticed the following:
    – Both resulted in execution programs and massive deaths, but did not have any civil wars
    – Both eliminated the monarchy due to their monarchies’ incompetency (Revolution was needed to make china more educated and industrialized

    – The French Revolution had many different parties and leaders, such as the Jacobin Club, the Moderate Group, the Thermadors (spelling may be wrong), and Napoleon’s Coup Team.
    – The purpose of the Chinese revolution was to make the country more industrialized and powerful, but the purpose of the French Revolution was to bring equality and liberty to all.


  2. Our revolution were same in that the revolution was to improve the conditions among their people, and the difference was that Mao ze dong defeated Chiang with a superior military, and in the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro defeated Batista with a small force while Batista’s army was in full strength.

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