It was a sad rainy day; a sharp and very brief sound comes through the clouds like a giant drum along with a giant strike next to it. I am Li Ming, and I lived through the Cultural Revolution. The amounts of antique items I broke is worth more than your spending’s in your entire life. Let me explain what happened during this time period, read my journal.


Many things have changed throughout the revolution. For example, many peasants were able to have a greater choice on their jobs, before they could only choose some normal jobs like farming and factory labor. But now, you could create your own company or create a small industries and others. And with the revolution, the big amount of tourism to china can be observed easily, many places in China are linked with railroads and air. Also, the cities exploded, many cities dramatically increased its technology and wealth. However, although the Cultural Revolution is started to change China, but many also stayed the same. For example, with the start to the end of the revolution, China was still Chinese Communist party and that there is only one-party leader. As well as the people’s thinking on Mao, Chairman Mao in many Chinese people’s mind are still a great leader. Last but not least, many old things were destroyed by the Red Guards but the Four Olds still remained a lot in the world.