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What it Feels to be a Student During the Cultural Revolution

It was a sad rainy day; a sharp and very brief sound comes through the clouds like a giant drum along with a giant strike next to it. I am Li Ming, and I lived through the Cultural Revolution. The amounts of antique items I broke is worth more than your spending’s in your entire life. Let me explain what happened during this time period, read my journal.


Many things have changed throughout the revolution. For example, many peasants were able to have a greater choice on their jobs, before they could only choose some normal jobs like farming and factory labor. But now, you could create your own company or create a small industries and others. And with the revolution, the big amount of tourism to china can be observed easily, many places in China are linked with railroads and air. Also, the cities exploded, many cities dramatically increased its technology and wealth. However, although the Cultural Revolution is started to change China, but many also stayed the same. For example, with the start to the end of the revolution, China was still Chinese Communist party and that there is only one-party leader. As well as the people’s thinking on Mao, Chairman Mao in many Chinese people’s mind are still a great leader. Last but not least, many old things were destroyed by the Red Guards but the Four Olds still remained a lot in the world.

How the Chinese Cultural Revolution Caused a Historic Change

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The  causes of the Chinese Cultural Revolution were because that in order to reassert his authority over the Chinese government, Mao Zedong tried to use the Revolution to reassert his control over the Communist Party.  Although millions of civilians died, tortured and suffered humiliation. The revolution was a big change for China, the revolution helped China made a sharp turn towards the international economy and market, peasants were able to have a greater choice, being able to choose different crops and creating other small industries and others. However, some continued to be the same, farmers are still farming and suffering from hunger, but for the long-term, it will impact China for a long time and help China developing.


If You Ever Get Lost in the Antarctic, Read this Book


The book  i’m going to tell about is called “Lost in the Antarctic” by Tod Olson. This book is about an real event that happened during the World War I. In this book a very famous Antarctic explorer Shakleton and his crewmates were stuck in the Antarctic and they were trying to survive and return to their homes. Tod Olson believed that Hope often helps people to believe and trust.

You should definetly read this book as theres a lot of interesting areas in the book such as describing how harsh it was in the Antarctic for example how cold and terrible it was to be on the ice travelling and how much fun they had playing sports on the ice. It is like as if you were really stuck in the Antarctic with them. Also, in the book there is a lot of pictures that was tooken by the crews members, the pictures have cute animals such as puppies and penguins as well as the mountains in the Antarctic and the ship itself. Last but not least, the event that happened in the book actually happened in the real world so while you are enjoying the book you are also learning the history.

One thing I learned from this book is that no matter how little chances you have, it is always worth a try. Before, when there was only a little chance I would just stop but once after i fnished the book I know that even when theres only a little chance it is still worth a shot to try.


Is the Boxers Good or Bad

The Boxer Rebellion deserves a bad reputation. They killed innocent christian chinese as well as missionaries and many foreigners.  The Boxers killed foreigners and christian chinese because they thought that they caused the flood. When the reinforcement comes, the boxers hid in the crowd and making sure not get found. However, this caused the reinforcements to have no idea who are the Boxers as they wanted revenge therefore executing innocent civilians that looks like the Boxers.




Helena’s Plan

by Bryan

This is about A Midnight Summer’s Dream by William Shakespeare. I choosed the character Helena because she has a “bad” play but also has some interesting plans. I picked this image because it is not overly beautiful but also beautiful at the same time. I’m proud of the picture that i found .

What is Humanism

Overall, I would say that i am a 85% Humanist. I would say this because I like to discover artifacts and humanities. But however, I do not study a lot in science and culture.

Why Working Is Important

The little girl said to him: “Red Squirrel, you don’t have to work, do you? You may just play and eat nuts from morning till night. Isn’t that all?”                                                                                                                                                                                       “’Not work!’ chattered the Red Squirrel. ‘Why, I am working now, and I worked all day yesterday, and all of the day before. I have a family living in the old oak tree, and I must store away nuts for the winter. I have no time to stop and play.”’ The little girl’s mother wants the little girl to work, but the little girl doesn’t want to work instead she wants to find someone to play with her. But they all refuse the little girl and states that they have work to do. If you avoid working or tries to be lazy, then you will not be able to reach anything.


In the book “The Little Girl Who Would Not Work” by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, an elementary school principal. The author believes that if you avoid work or try to be lazy, you will not reach anything. At the start of the story, the little girl’s mom wanted her to work but the little girl only wanted to play: “Oh, mother, I do not like to work. Please let me go to the woods and play just a little while before I do my tasks” (Bailey 3). This shows that the little girl does not want to work and tries to avoid working by playing in the woods. One connection to myself is when my mom wants me to help her do some work like doing dishes, I always would find an excuse to not do the work. As the story continues, the little girl asks the ant to play with her, but the ant said, “’ Oh, no, I couldn’t stop to play. Once someone stepped upon our house and crushed it.” […] “We Ants thought we would go and hunt for a ready-made house, but we travelled a very long way, and we were not able to find a house ready-made, and we were obliged to come home and build” (Bailey 11).  This shows that even if you were working, but if you are being lazy your entire progress might be destroyed, and other people’s work might also be destroyed because of your laziness. I have a connection to myself, when I was working in a group, I was being lazy and didn’t want to work and because of my laziness, it caused my entire group to have a bad grade. Overall, if you try to avoid work or try to be lazy, you will not be able to reach anything.


The conflict on the road in “Thank You, M’am”

The found poem was found in “Thank You, M’am” by author Langston Hughes. It shows an external conflict between a women antagonis t Mrs. Jones and a boy named Roger. In the rising act of the story the boy runs behind Mrs. Jones and attempts to snatch her purse but he ended up failing. Roger comes across as a poor boy that wants to buy a pair of shoes, but he does not have enough money so he has to go steal people’s purse. However, while robbing, Mrs. Jones was able to catch him. Hopefully this conflict will not last long and the boy will be able to get his shoes and Mrs. Jones will be able to get her purse back.

Picture used in the poem:

App Design Blog


App Design Blog


Video of app in function

By: Bryan Tang

  • I used to think that robotic is just coding and is very easy, but now i think that robotic is not just coding but also building, also i realised that coding isn’t easy at all. I also used to think that it will be very boring and not interesting because u just sit on the computer and just type.


  • My friend is having a hard time to pick which shirt to wear and what color because he have alot of cool shirts that he want to wear, but he don’t know which. This app will help him to choose which shirt and it can also prioritizes on which shirt he want to wear more bot still not so sure.


  • I tried to make this app as simple as I can and also it has different abilities like prioritizing and an entertaining feature. Also, I didn’t add a lot of features or else it will be too hard to understand. I think making it simple will be better and more efficient to use.


  • My app is a good quality app because it has a clean background and not a lot of messy stuff like other apps, forexample some apps have some messy and crazy background and a very futuristic button to start randomizing. The function of my app is to randomise stuff that you typed into the textbox, then it will switch to screen 2 and it will show one of the text that the customer typed.


  • The strength of this app is that there is a priority system and a fun entertaning feature to click when the customer is bored. But the bad thing about this app is that there is only 4 choice and if the customer have more choices he can not type it but to type 4 choices then type another 4 choices.



Below is coding of screen 1



When the start button is clicked it will start randomising the choices. There is 10 items in total and there is 4 Choice_1 so that means it is 40% chance of getting that. And the below one is to go to screen 2 when clicked and start value is basicly sending the code to screen 2
















<<–– On the left is coding of screen 2


The first code is meaning that the  global “random” is set to whatever the text says.

Second code is to tell the global random to get the value that was sent in screen1(the randomised text)

And then the last one is getting the global “randomised” that just got the start value, so then it will show the randomised text


And then the Go_Back_Button is to go back to screen1.

Phones should be Banned in School

Phones should be Banned in school

By:Bryan T 7-5


Phones should be banned in school because it is a distraction to students. In addition, it allows chaeting which will affect grades and an unfair advantage. some say that phones should not be banned because students need to communicate, but there is more disadvantage than advantage.

One reason why phones should be banned in school is because it is a distraction. Forexample, an advanced chemistry teacher at Decatur said that she allowes students to use phones as a calculator, but they are more of a distraction because students might not be using their calculator app but games or social apps. Another example is that students can text during class instead of listening to the teacher. An experiment has ran with 118 Rutgers, phones did not lower their comprehension exam, but their end-of-term exam was lowered by atleast 5% percent or even have a grade. This shows that, phones will lower the grades and school’s job is to educate students to get a good grade, students’ grade will keep on lowering if school doesn’t ban phone. So, Phones should be banned in school

Another reason why phones should be banned in school is because it allows cheating. Forexample, students can search up the answer on their phone for the exam. In addition, students can send answers to other students and also students can send the test questions to other students and also send the test questions to student who didn’t ake the test which then the student will know what to study or what to remember. A survey by Pew Research Center has found that 35% percent of students have admit that they cheated in tests with their phone and the other 65% percent of students that took the same survey has said that they saw students cheating with their phone during tests. Tehrefore, students will have an unfair advantage. So, phones should be banned in school

Some say that phones should not be banned in school because students need a phone to communicate with their parents and incase of an emergency. In addition, Peter Brosnan auther of “Smart Phones, Smart Kids” said that “many parents and students rely on cellphones to keep in touch in case plans change after school.” However, schools will provide phones and some schools will even provide emails so as recieving messages, “if our game is cancelled due to weather or anything else changes in our schedule, our administrator sends a notice to all parents immediatly.” This shows that students does not need their own phone, but instead they can just find any staff to contact their parents . Therefore, phones should still be banned in school.


Overall, phones should be banned in school because it is a distraction and it allows cheating. Also, there is more of an unfair advantage and disadvantage than advatage. Also,

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