Cold Fishing


I captured this from the river, and even though it is in the winter but,

people still go fish in the river. I like this because it shows no matter

how cold, people still fish!

I tried to capture the shadow and the man fishing



A Brand New Year


I captured this from the village we went, and they were about to celebrate

Chinese new year. I like this because it shows how other people have their

way to celebrate new year.

I tried to take a picture of a house with words and lanterns!


I got these picture inspiration from my brother, he always take picture in shadow and in celebration.


I learned that now all pictures are perfected and I learned that you always face the sun. Also, I learned how to edit pictures perfectly

It is hard to take a picture at a different angle and make it look good, but I overcome it by keep on testing and looking it good by editing

OneDay is important because it teaches you things but also it very fun!