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Video of app in function

By: Bryan Tang

  • I used to think that robotic is just coding and is very easy, but now i think that robotic is not just coding but also building, also i realised that coding isn’t easy at all. I also used to think that it will be very boring and not interesting because u just sit on the computer and just type.


  • My friend is having a hard time to pick which shirt to wear and what color because he have alot of cool shirts that he want to wear, but he don’t know which. This app will help him to choose which shirt and it can also prioritizes on which shirt he want to wear more bot still not so sure.


  • I tried to make this app as simple as I can and also it has different abilities like prioritizing and an entertaining feature. Also, I didn’t add a lot of features or else it will be too hard to understand. I think making it simple will be better and more efficient to use.


  • My app is a good quality app because it has a clean background and not a lot of messy stuff like other apps, forexample some apps have some messy and crazy background and a very futuristic button to start randomizing. The function of my app is to randomise stuff that you typed into the textbox, then it will switch to screen 2 and it will show one of the text that the customer typed.


  • The strength of this app is that there is a priority system and a fun entertaning feature to click when the customer is bored. But the bad thing about this app is that there is only 4 choice and if the customer have more choices he can not type it but to type 4 choices then type another 4 choices.



Below is coding of screen 1



When the start button is clicked it will start randomising the choices. There is 10 items in total and there is 4 Choice_1 so that means it is 40% chance of getting that. And the below one is to go to screen 2 when clicked and start value is basicly sending the code to screen 2
















<<–– On the left is coding of screen 2


The first code is meaning that the  global “random” is set to whatever the text says.

Second code is to tell the global random to get the value that was sent in screen1(the randomised text)

And then the last one is getting the global “randomised” that just got the start value, so then it will show the randomised text


And then the Go_Back_Button is to go back to screen1.

Robotic Reflection. Robot


Robotic Reflection robot



Bryan Tang

 What was the most difficult aspect of this project?

The most difficult aspect of this project was the pig tail because I tried different ways to let the servo move the pig tail, but it always fail, until I stick the servo on the back of the body, and it worked so smoothly.

 What was the most enjoyable aspect of the project?

The most enjoyable aspect of the project was coding in hummingbird because we can just sit there and start coding with friends and chatting while coding, and during coding we can test out our robot, so it was fun.


What did you do well?

The designing and the pig tail were the best because it was funny looking when it was wiggling, and I tried a lot of times to make it work so I am very happy that it worked.


What would you do differently next time?

I would add more features like more sensors for example using distance sensor and the light sensor, I also would add more movement and sounds like the pig sound and making the pig moving or just the pig foot move and the head.


What did you learn physically?

I learned physically that it looks easy to glue the servo on the specific spot because it sometimes slips down or when it is moving, it just falls. Also, the cutting area was kind of hard because it is very hard to cut straight and exact dimension for the body, head and tail.


What did you learn about programming the robot?

I learned in programming was that it sounds easy to program but it is actually hard because you don’t know how the codes work. But after the class I understand how most of the codes work and how if it is servo you need to use a servo command.


What more would you like to learn about the building and/or you like to learn about these robots?

I would like to learn how to how to let the robot jump and use other coding programs like Arduino because it can challenge myself to do better and have a better knowledge of programming.

My Visit to Ancient Greece

Percy Jackson Response 

Percy Jackson can manage his emotion and positive relationship by his choices, and it can affect his life.  Firstly, in the start of the book Percy is saying words that he regrets, and it could affect his emotion and Grover try to calm him down when Percy is getting mad which shows a caring friend.  

Percy’s emotion can be managed by his choices. In the book page 39 “’Because you don’t want me around?’ I regretted the words as soon as they were out.” Research shows that “think about how you will feel as a result of each possible action” (Self-management/managing emotions, Skills you need-Helping You Develop Life Skills, 2019). This shows that Percy does not consider what result will happened and might affect on others. Another quote in page 17 “I snapped. I called him an old sot. I wasn’t even sure what it meant but it sounded good” This shows that “the best decisions are made using both logic and emotion.” (Self-management/managing emotions, Skills you need-Helping You Develop Life Skills, 2019). Therefore, Percy’s emotion can be managed by his choices. 

Percy’s positive relationship can affect his life. In the book page 3 “Grover tried to calm me down.” this shows that “the support offered by a caring friend can provide buffer against the effects of stress.” (University of Minnesota) this tells that having a caring friend can help us in many ways like stress and others. Another quote in the book page 29 “Her name is Sally Jackson, and she’s the best person in the world.” research shows that “A stressful task experienced a faster recovery when they were reminded of people with whom they had strong relationship. (Those who were reminded of stressful relationships, on the other hand, experienced even more stress and higher blood pressure.)” (University of Minnesota) this shows that they can recover faster and better when their relationship is strong. To conclude, Percy’s positive relationship can affect his life 

Finally, Percy’s emotion and positive relationship can affect his life but also be managed himself. This shows that, having a caring friend with strong relationship can reduce stress and Percy can manage his emotions on what his choices are. 


Who is Percy Jackson?

Percy Jackson is a troublemaker, stands up for his friend, also very brave. This is because in the book “I had this accident with a Revolutionary War cannon” in page 2 because he’s had a lot of accidents in this case, he shot the school bus. And also “I sort of hit the wrong lever on the catwalk and our class took an unplanned swim.” This means he always get into trouble and very curious. In page 3 Nancy was throwing peanut butter on Grover, his best friend he said, “I’m going to kill her” and later he stands up, but Grover told him to stop because he was in probation. This shows that he is being helpful to his friend and also is trusting. Later in the story in page 13, Mrs. Dodds turned into a monster and tried to kill Percy, but, “the metal blade hit her shoulder and passed clean through her body as if she were made of water”, which means he’s brave and a fighter. In the book Percy wasn’t concentrating in the museum and he didn’t listen to the teacher, but he understood the carving and he recognized it, “I looked at the carving, and felt a flush of relief, because I actually recognized it.” This shows that Percy is very special. So, Percy Jackson is a troublemaker, curious, helpful to his friends and brave.








Mighty Insulation Cup

 Our cup holds the heat inside because we used foil, which reflects heat so it won’t go out of the cup. Also, we use black felt so the outside heat will come in and give heat to the water inside. In the inside, we out some cotton so that it will prevent heat loss. We would not hot glue somethings inside because the water was so hot that it melted the hot glue. The hardest thing for our project is to control our self to use less hot glue and to let the lid stay down. Our quality was not bad because it worked well and our materials didn’t break or fall apart. My team was proud that we were able to cut the foil without letting it break apart while cutting it, also our insulator stops heat transfer outside.

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