• Reading fast/speed-reading
  • Reading & writing about stuff I’m interested in
  • Coming up with ideas to write & making plot outlines & general dialogue
  • Coming up with characters & ideas for character-developing events
  • Theorizing about/writing notes on what I read


  • Reading/writing about things I dislike or don’t care about
  • Progressing storylines to reach an ending
  • Writing essays about things I’m not interested in
  • Reading classic old-timey books, especially Shakespeare (I don’t understand 90% of what they’re saying)


  • Writing stuff, especially during creative writing sessions. Coming up with random short stories is more fun & easier than writing about nonfiction. Having creative freedom makes everything a lot more fun and creating your own characters & worlds is even better.


  • Shakespeare language and when authors write in characters speaking in weird limericks or poems. I have a hard time reading it since I don’t understand what they mean a lot of the time.. A lot of the time I have to go to an outside source to read a summary.

Target: By writing a short story of at least 250 words every day, I would like to improve my ability to write enticing stories. I will know I have achieved this when I can look back on my old work and be able to see an improvement between it and my more recent writing.