During the Socratic seminar, I spoke a reasonable amount, periodically inviting others to speak. I got masterings On criteria A, C, and D, which shows that I did well in understanding the text, speaking, listening, and using language.

I still need to work on citing specific parts of the text and only speaking when I’m sure of what I’m about to say, as well as analyzing the text’s language choices. I did not cite all of my points using quotes from the text. In addition, I analyzed the text on the spot without previous preparation a few times, causing me to stumble on some of my words. Mr. Dalton commented on my lack of language analyses, so I should comment on different literary devices the text uses.

Next time, I hope to be less hesitant when speaking. On my rubric, I got a meeting on criteria B, so I need to analyze the stylistic features in the text.

In order to achieve these goals, I need to prepare more analyses that I can reference during the seminar. This way, I won’t be speaking on the spot.