Since my last reflection, I have finished We Regret to Inform You and have started Rabbits for Food. I would recommend both books, especially Rabbits for Food due to the heavy topics it breaks down. I had also started My Life in the Fishtank though I stopped reading it due to its lower reading level. Rabbits for Food is an in-depth character study of a girl named Bunny, someone who goes through extreme episodes of depression and presently resides in a psychiatric ward. The text is incredibly engaging, as it uses humor to outline these sensitive topics. Of all of the texts I’ve read so far, I think I’ll write my independent essay on Rabbits for Food. This is because the book is much more detailed and realistic compared to the other books I’ve read. All of the other books I’ve read so far uses much more casual language due to them taking place in a high school. Rabbits for Food, however, is much more unique. If I were to use this book for my essay, the main topic would most likely relate to the problems with psychiatric wards and therapy or familial conflicts related to mental health.