A History That Changed The Whole China

Many years later after the torments time in my life, it finally over…I will tell you how a 17 years old student wasting her best ten years of youth on. You will know what happed in my journal, that I always carries around. Here is my journal, please read it.

(Name: ZhangXiaohua, women, 17 years old was a student ready for CEE (college entrance examination) a kind of student study hard, when she heads CEE was cancelled, she still believes Mao. After she been expelled as a Red Guard, Zhang Xiaohua finally realized, but it was too late. Zhang Xiaohua Live in a small place Jinzhou, was a poor student.)

After all of the days of changing and changing in China, many things have stay the same. Now, China still continues to be run by a single party government until now on. But, now China was not in one person decides it all; instated, China have a hole Party group that all have agreements and disagreement to it.

A Revolution You Should Know

This video is a video you should know about Chinese Revolution. Long live Mao ZeDong, the greatest leader in China, who started The Great Cultural Revolution. All event happed throw this time, people see Mao as a saver.


Boxers do deserve a bad rap. First, they tried to scare the foreigners. When they burned down the Hanlin Academy library, they thought that they could control fire. But it ended when they burned not only foreigners house, but also the fire burn down many Chinese people’s houses too. This shows that Boxers believed their gods that they can control fire, and arrogant with it. Then, they did not just fight with the foreigners, but also the Boxers assaulted and trapped all the foreigners in the wall for 54 days. People were starving and died. This reveals Boxers do not care about people’s life, they just wanted to killed them all. Lastly, the Boxers deceived the foreigners. Boxers told them if they go to the court, they will be saved. But after foreigners goes inside, the Boxers came inside and killed them all. This evidence suggests that the Boxers were dishonest to foreginers, they deceived them and just wanted to kill them. The Boxers are tried to proected Chinese cutre, tradition and their religion, but they used worrg extreme way to did this.


Bees work hard to makes honey, and ants work hard to build his house, also Clover works hard to makes flowers. So hard work often helps a person to be more successful. This story is about a girl always like to play in woods, and one day her mother tells the little girl she is growing up she need to do some work. The little girl tries it, but she doesn’t have times to play. When she goes to and woods, she learns from her “woods friend” and she decided to work hard.

In the story “The little girl who would work”. Caroly Serwin Bailley believes that Work often helps a person to be more successful. The anther wants little girl to work and the mother of little girl say “You are old enough to do some work, little daughter. Even when you are a tiny girl, you can learn to be busy.” (Bailey 1). The mother said the little girl are old enough to do work, it means when you are growing up to do work are very important for you. Also the anther wants to tell all the kids that work is more important than play, work can help you learn more things than play or so. The anther thinks the little girl are old enough to work and her friend bee also work as will “’Little bee, do you have any work to do?’’ “Work!”’ (Bailey 1). This shows that her “wood friend” all are working, and only the little girl don’t do her work. She don’t wants to do work because she thinks work are very bored and the little girl can’t go outside to play.


The little girl wants to play outside, but her mother wants her to work because she is growing old to work.



School Should Ban Cell Phone

Cell phones is a big distracts for student, so school should ban cell phones. Cell phone can decrease student’s social activity by let student reliance on it. Case cyberbullying by saying things hurtful online. And always distracts student’s leaning by to text their friends in class and cheek test answers in class. 

First, cell phones can decrease student’s social activity. According to a 2014 study on mobile phones addiction, college student use mobile devices for 9 hours a day. Research show using cell phones too much can decrease the community between each other and make them more reliance on cell phones, because student is more reliance on cell phones, so student’s social activity decreases so much. 

Second, cell phone always leads to cyberbullying. For result of New York Post website, they find out form 2014to 2015 there are 700 of reported cyberbullying in school. From 2015 to 2016, there are more than 800 reported cyberbullying in school. This show throw peoples tocology grow, and cyberbullying grows too. Reteach shows most cyberbullying are happened in school, so if school can ban cell phones, cyberbullying all be less. 

Last, cell phones can distract student’s leaning. Some people will say cell phone can use as a leaning tool, but however, use a computers or iPad that have safety-progress is easier to stop student use their cell phones, and it can help student leaning too. When student use their cell phones to text their friends in class and cheek test answersthis cell phones leads to distractions for those students. 

Because that cell phones can distracts student so much by decrease students social activity, lead to cyberbullying and distrains student’s leaning. School should ban cell phones. 


CER Percy

Percy can have a better life by building trust on people. because Percy said before “It sent two messages: one, that I was the son of the Sea God; and two, monsters would stop at nothing to kill me. ” anyone now know Percy was the son of the sea god, and the three biggest gods are won’t supposed to have child. if the biggest three gods don’t suppose to have child. Percy were should be killed, because even the half-blood camp letter wants to killed Percy in the first. All the masters are looking for Percy to died, and his power is not stong now, if he can find his dad maybe his dad will teach him how to save himself and rise his power.