The Biggest Cup of LIBER-tea; The American Revolution

This is an American revolution video made by Reagan, Sayi, Annie Q, and I. Our video provides you detailed and humorous progress of the important events on how the Americans got rid of the control from their mother country, Britain. This video conveys a message that the peace and steady life we have was because of those lives sacrificed during the many acts, punishments, and battles that they fought for us. In the progress of learning all these revolutions, my gain was the main reasons for why these rebellions were called were because of highly unbalanced and unequal power. We should cherish the lives we have, where we are far from war.

A book you would never want to miss out- “Ten Days a Madwoman”

Welcome to my book review! During this unit “Stranger than fiction”  our group has been reading a non-fiction book, “Ten days a Madwoman” by Deborah Noyes. Below is a video for you to watch and get to know some fascinating facts about this book!

The main character, Nellie Bly, is a girl from Pittsburgh. She came to New York to look for a job. It is a realistic and ambitious story of how Nellie finds her way through this unequal society and exposes an asylum of insane women. Whenever women quarrel or get angry in public, they would be put in an asylum located at Blackwell’s Island. Men believed women were insane by their actions of shouting and letting out their anger. The main theme of this book is that women in society do not have equal privileges as men do.

There are two main reasons I recommend this book. One is that I feel like going through this whole process with her. When she started, she was rejected by many companies just because of her gender. Later she decided to experience and expose what the asylum was really like. My favorite part is she became a better journalist, an explorer, but most importantly a stronger woman. Second, I was deeply inspired by the big idea conveyed in this book, gender is not an obstacle in front of success. No one should be underprivileged from something they were born with. Every person should give equal respect to every living thing on earth. Gender inequalities are still happening nowadays. For example, Ruth Bader Ginsburg—former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, was unable to find a job even though she was ranked as the number one graduate from Cornell Law School. Samira Ahmed—a journalist at BBC, recently had fought for underpaid women.  For these reasons, I strongly recommend this book. It is so intriguing!  I believe that others will enjoy learning about Nellie’s fascinating experience like me.

The best thing I have learned in this unit is re-reading.  Non-fiction often takes me more time than fiction to read because there is more background knowledge. Sometimes, I stop in between my reading to go back to re-read an earlier paragraph or page for further details. I enjoyed thinking actively while reading. I love how I am able to read thoroughly, deeply, and see things from different perspective.


The Boxer Rebellion: Do the boxers deserve reputation or not?

The Boxer Rebellion was all about a group of Chinese from Shandong officially called “Righteous and Harmonious Fists”  they wanted to fight with their fists, and win the foreigner’s guns. They were brutal and violent slaughtering whatever westerns and Christians they met. According to the facts, we learned yesterday on our field trip. The boxers do deserve a bad reputation.

They deserve their bad reputation because of their brutal actions. They have killed humungous numbers of foreigners and Christians. They bombed down the French legation. Not only were men attacked, but there were also women and children too. The people who remained living had to escape the crisis by fleeing to the British Legation, which was one block away. After this attack, there was a fire right near the French and Austrian legations which caused more people to starve and die. They killed ambassadors from foreign countries like the Japanese ambassador. Then made the Japanese furious. This showed the brutality from the boxers because they did not care who they killed or where they killed, all they were doing were ignorantly slaughtering westerns and Christians. China had to pay a big amount of compensation back to foreign countries. And this meant that economically, China loses a humungous amount of money, which weakened the Dynasty. Just like in the opium wars, when Lin burned all the opium and the western countries asked for pay, China was paying back again.

When the boxers cut down all the foreign communication and transportation, 3000 Christians had to stay in a church together. Hoping someone would save them out of the crisis. All these actions made huge chaos in Beijing. But the empress supported them. After all the nations got the news, they came in mainly from Watergate without permission, the war started. It was not between the boxers and foreigners but between the Qing soldiers and the 8 nations.

The war created a lot of death in the Qing soldiers because the other nations had better weapons. But, if the boxers didn’t have to be so violent and brutal, a lot of people would not have to lose their families.




Midsummer Times – The man of the say “Lysander”

In the play “A Midsummer night dream” by Shakespeare, Lysander wants to marry Hermia, but Egeus, Hermia’s father, is resisting despite Lysander’s persuasion.

Even though Lysander was refused his love, Hermia, he is still reverent and determined.

Lysander is reverent because when Egeus calls Lysander “Scornful Lysander” (line 95) he still replies, “My lord” (line 99). This shows the amount of respect he gives to others and how he is a person with polite manners. Not only does he not insult back, he is being extra respectful.

Lysander is also determined because Lysander and Hermia plan to run away to together “From Athens is her house remote seven leagues; And she respects me as her only son. There gentle Hermia, may I marry thee;” (line 157). Lysander wants to run away with Hermia and marry at their aunt’s place to avoid the punishment of Athenian law. So, that shows Lysander’s persistence and determination to marry Hermia.

In this play, Egeus does not think highly of Lysander. When he was introducing what had happened, he said “Thou, thou, Lysander thou hast given her rhymes. And interchanged love tokens with my child thou hast by moonlight at her window sung With feigning voice verses of feigning love.” (line 27). This shows that he detests Lysander because he thinks Lysander has tricked his daughter. Egeus believes that Hermia belongs to him so he can order her to marry Demetrius and she must obey.

Thus, these character traits all add up to Lysander being respectful, determines, and sure of his love for Hermia.


“A sound of thunder” CER by Chelsea K



Everything happening present was accumulated by details made up in the past. In the story “A Sound of Thunder “by Ray Bradbury. The main characters Eckles, pays an amount of money to go into a time machine. Then transferred back to the past and then they hunted on Dinosaurs.  Eckles went hunting a T-rex but then he lost his nerves. The team faces problems and Eckles is not aware of how careful they need to be. Any small movement made by them might lead to a humungous problem in the future.

In the story” A Sound of Thunder”, by Ray Bradbury, the author believes that even the smallest action usually has a gargantuan impact on how the future will unfold. Travis is explaining how each action leads to the effect of Eckels. “’ If we accidentally kill one mouse here, that means the future families of this one particular mouse are destroyed, right?”

“So, what, “said Eckles.

“So what?” Travis snorted quietly. “Well, what about the foxes that’ll need those mice to survive? For want of ten mice, a fox dies. For want of ten foxes, a lion starves. For want of a lion, all manner of insects, vultures, infinite billions of life forms are thrown into chaos and destruction. Eventually, it all boils down to this: fifty-nine million years later, a caveman, one of a dozen in the entire world, goes hunting wild boar or saber-toothed tiger for food. But you, friend, have stepped on all the tigers in that region. By stepping on one single mouse. So, the caveman starves. And the caveman, please note, is not just any expendable man, no! He is an entire future nation. From his loins would have sprung ten sons. From their loins one hundred sons, and thus onward to a civilization. Destroy this one man, and you destroy a race, a people, an entire history of life. It is comparable to slaying some of Adam’s grandchildren. The stomp of your foot, on one mouse, could start an earthquake, the effects of which could shake our earth and destinies down through Time, to their very foundations. With the death of that one caveman, a billion others yet unborn are throttled in the womb. Perhaps Rome never rises on its seven hills. Perhaps Europe is forever a dark forest, and only Asia waxes healthy and teeming. Step on a mouse and you crush the Pyramids. Step on a mouse and you leave your print, like a Grand Canyon, across Eternity. Queen Elizabeth might never be born, Washington might not cross Delaware, there might never be the United States at all. So be careful. Stay on the Path. Never step off!”’ (5-6 Bradbury) In this long speech, Travis states how just killing a mouse might lead to such important things happening in history, changing our lives. Queen Elizabeth might not be born, Washington might not cross Delaware, there might never be the United States at all. And all of these things might happen just because they have killed a mouse. Travis’s explanation made Eckles astounding.

As the story continues, Eckels totally forgot about the long speech Travis said to him. He shoots the dinosaur, Travis is mad with him “’ The monsters dead, you idiot. The bullets! The bullets can’t be left behind. They don’t belong in the Past; they might change anything. Here’s my knife, dig them out.”’ (12 Bradbury). In the words of Travis shows how careful and meticulous they are on what belongs in the past and what does not. How a little bullet shot by Eckles will affect future life and

As they move on, Travis is angry and Eckles is getting nervous. Eckles wants to get out of here he is scared and nervous. He picks up some dirt and says “‘No, it can’t be. Not a little thing like that. No!”’(15 Bradbury). In the words of Eckles, it can show how he doesn’t believe how a little thing affects such big events and he really wants to get away. Regretting on everything that happened. We might be able to forgive our actions in the past, but we are not able to change time and change our actions in the past. Therefore, small things lead to big things and we should all be thinking before our actions.


Chelsea’s Found poem From “The Last kiss”

The found poem above was taken from the narrative “The Last Kiss” written by Ralph Fletcher. In the narrative, the little boy is the narrator. He brings up his Internal conflicts from the conversation between his dad, the antagonist, and the narrator, which is the protagonist.

In “The Last Kiss” the conflict is shown at the beginning of paragraph 8 in their conversation where the narrator’s objective was to get a goodnight kiss from his dad, but his dad was busy and did not pay much attention to him. In the narrator’s movement and thinking, we can feel the desire of the narrator to a goodnight kiss. The conflict is also shown at the end of paragraph 8 when he was trying to implicate his dad to kiss him, but all his dad said was “Well good night then.” He was then stunned and chose not to ask again.

The reason I drew the background of this was to picture the image for the reader’s mind and show how the dad is working, and the narrator was standing watching him.

Mythbust Covid Project

For the Mythbust Covid Project my partner, Brenda and I have been creating an infographic about different opinions and events occurred during the coronavirus.

In the infographic we focused on the origin of the virus and opinions given by trustworthy evidence. We organized the debating focused evidence and compered them by showing our audience the different evidence.

We have all cites in the infographic.

Mythbust infographic progression

After the prototype, Brenda and I have been changing and editing our infographic. So below are some goal and progress we made to finish the project on Friday.

3 goals:

#1: Add pictures

#2: Organizing the infographic so it has bold words and stand out information

#3: Checking in with teacher


2 Challenges:

#1: I think the biggest challenge is formatting the information making it look big and clear but also filled with facts and evidence.

#2: The other challenge is that because we are using Canva and it is really hard to both edit on one infographic so sometimes I type on another word document then copying on it to Canva.


Brenda and I have been workinng on the infographic for our project. We have been adding pictures nd more comparisons between different sources.

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