An Armed Uprising in Cuba:

This is the Cuban revolution crash course video by Grace and me, it shows all the basic events that happened in the Cuban Revolution and it shows the causes and impacts happened in it…hope you enjoy!

Something that was very deep and a MUST read: Shackles from the deep

Shackles from the deep book talk:

“Shackles from the deep” is a book by Michael H.Cottman that explores the story of the Henrietta Marie,  a slave ship that sank off the coast of Florida. The book was wrote to tell young readers about the story of a 17th century slave ship, his underwater exploration of the ship, black people being kidnapped and the divine history of slavery. Story gives an idea of how blacks are lacking because of the fear they overcome from the outside world (white)! The theme of this book is that Racism in society despairs (black) people to give up on their opportunities and talents infront of the (white) people in the society.

Two reasons you should read this book are: 1)It’s a true event in life, as told by the same person who experienced it and focuses on real situations such as discrimination, racism, segregation, slavery, trade etc. 2) By reading this book, you may get inspired by the events that take place as the story is set on real moments that are still happening in the world…I got very inspired that there were people who lived in those type of circumstances that I was never aware of! So you should absolutely read this book…

Something I learned in this unit is that nonfiction is also very interesting and historic as it focuses on the past, relates to people’s lives, experiences. Before I never really thought that non-fiction is as interesting and fun as realistic fiction but now I think non-fiction are even more interesting as it also has a lot of ideas, theme, central issues etc.

Bad reputation here I come:

The boxers deserve a bad reputation. The boxers blocked all the communication lines of the foreigners, they blocked railway lines, they killed and fought with Chinese christians and foreigners. The Boxers deserve a bad rap, as they blocked all the communication lines of the foreigners to not let them share their ideas within them and talk with each other, they blocked all the railway lines so that they couldn’t travel and didn’t get into their territory. They also killed and fought with many Chinese christians and foreigners and burned many foreign property like churches as they didn’t like them bringing Christianity into China, converting of people into Christianity and destroyed many foreign property because of their fight.


New and Defined Hermia

The above magazine cover is inspired by the play “A Midsummer’s Night Dream by William Shakespeare”. The character I chose is Hermia, I chose her because she is a modern character and she is easy to follow through. I picked this image to use as my cover, because I wanted it to look modern not like the ancient ones. I am proud of giving good subtitles for each quote, it maybe not that good but it pleasing as this was my very first time doing something like this!

Am I a Renaissance humanist?


Overall, I would say I am 90% of a Renaissance humanist. I think that because I am pretty good about the Greek and Roman writings, humanism and individualism and good enough about the other topic like conflict between the Catholic Churches, Medicine etc. However, I can still work on them to know more about them…

Drama exercises in different parts of ISB

This is the link to our video- Chetali and Grace.P:

Idleness vs. Hardwork (Theme C.E.R paragraph)

Idleness rarely inspires people to change. A little girl who played all day long and never worked. Then as she looks at other creatures, like squirrels, ants, bees and even flowers not sitting idle like her. As soon as she realizes, that work and play together are important she starts to work and learned to be busy like others. The big idea in the story “The Little Girl Who Wouldn’t Work” by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey is that the little girl doesn’t like to work, but when nobody plays with her, as all the creatures are busy doing work. She also starts to do work and becomes really hardworking!

In the story “The Little Girl Who Wouldn’t Work,” by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, the author believes that hard work is important, so that you can support your family and enhance your life and their life. The little girl doesn’t work and sits idle all day, as her mother comments on what she should do: “You are old enough to do some work, little daughter,” (Bailey 1). This shows that her mother is saying, that she’s old enough to do some work and not sit idle all day. Her mother is also worried of her becoming idle when she grows up. This supports my evidence of her mother commenting on her nature, of her being idle all day instead of becoming busy. My given quote supports my theme statement, because the little girl doesn’t like to work and not get busy. The same thing is being said, in the quote of her mother getting worried about her future, that she’d grow as an idle! Further along the story, as the little girl goes out to play and asks the squirrel, bee, ant and even flowers to play with her. She also wanted to get busy like them, and not sit idle all day! The little girl soon realizes that all creatures do work, get busy and are not like me, “Then the little girl decided to go back home to her mother, she said: Mother, the Squirrels, bees and even the flowers work. I am the only idle one. I want to do some work to do” (Bailey 2). This shows that the little girl actually understood that she needs to work and not sit idle all day and just play. She needs to learn how to get busy as well. She then goes back to her mother, explains that all the creatures work and I too want to get like them! This supports my evidence, because it shows how the little girl started to work, get busy and not sit idle anymore. She understood her moral lesson by looking at the wonderful creatures of the nature for the rest of her life to get busy and be hardworking like them too. In conclusion, the little girl learned to get busy and do her work in a hardworking way!

The Last Conflict Kiss!

This is the link to my “Last Kiss” found poem:

The found poem was taken from page 1 & 2 of the story “Last Kiss” by Ralph Fletcher. It shows the character vs. character external conflict, between Ralph (protagonist) vs. Father (antagonist). In the rising action, Ralph wants to get a good night kiss from his father, while at the same time struggles that his father not kissing him a goodnight kiss. In this story, Ralph goes to his father every night to get a goodnight kiss but the father refuses to kiss him as in the fact he’s too old to be kissed from his father. The main struggle of a good night between Ralph and his father will last forever as in the fact that he’s growing up!


How can disease impact the world (Black Death vs. Spanish Flu)?

This is the link to my infographic that is based on the 2 diseases: Black Death & Spanish Flu-

Legacies of ancient China and Rome (ibook):

This is the link to my ibook:

Please enjoy reading my ibook! Thanks!

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