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French Revolution: A Question that Cost 15 Thousand Lives

The French Revolution in plain English video:


The French Revolution was a dramatic and bloody event that happened during late 1700. The people of France were unhappy about the inequality of power and economy as France was heavily divided into three estates. Because of this, the peasants (Third Estate) of France came together and sparked the idea of the French Revolution. Over time, the French Revolution greatly affected history and influenced many other successful revolutions. Above is a 5-minute video about the key events and of this revolution.


Chris: Video Editing, Voice Recording, Script

Neo: Filming, Voice Recording, Script


Murder, Mystery, Misunderstanding

The Borden Murders

The video below contains a brief introduction of the book, explores the central idea, the theme, and why you should read it.

The Borden Murder is a book written by Sarah Miller which shows how many court judgments are made in a biased way in America during the 1800s. The book explores the famous crime of Lizzie Borden who was blamed for the murder due to the way she acts. Many characters disliked her because of how she didn’t “act like a lady”. ““In the first scramble for a doctor, the sight of Mrs.Churchill as she sped across the street had caught the eye of John Cunningham, a reporter for the Fall River Globe, out collecting the weekly payments from subscribers. ‘Her actions,’ he noticed, ‘were rather peculiar for a lady.’” -page 40 This quote clearly states that people disliked her because she was “rather peculiar” and these people eventually became biased towards Lizzie, affecting the outcome of the final judgment. Because of this, it led me to believe that the theme of the book is to base your judgment on facts, do not be biased.

Two reasons why you should read this book are; The book is fast-paced and shows you all the important details while leaving you with a cliff-hanging question, did Lizzie do it? Or did she not? The other reason why you should read this book is simply because of how interesting the events themselves are. I think the events are very thrilling, as you read more, you approach closer and closer to finding out who did it. And I think that makes the story very fun to read.

One thing that I learned while reading this book is that rereading is very important. Rereading will allow you to gain important information that you missed before, it really helps you understand the main concept of theme of the book.

Smell detector

This semester, In product design, we designed a handheld device to detect the sense of smell. My prototype contains a sensor, screen, buttons, and a handle. How it works is that when the device is activated with the controls, the sensor will detect the smell and the internal machinery will process the information. Finally, the data will be displayed on the screen either with an image or text. Overall, I think my device turned out the way I wanted it to.



This semester, in product design, we designed a light-box and decorated it with places special to us. After a few classes, I decided to decorate my light-box with a scene from Niagara falls. I choose Niagara falls for my project because it is one of the best places I have ever been to.

My biggest obstacle was designing layers with illustrator, It was very difficult and I always needed help from others. In the beginning, I didn’t know how to make shapes and change sizes. Because of this, I took forever to design my layers. However, I eventually learned how to use illustrator and successfully laser printed the layers.

Something I learned during this project was using illustrator. After class after class of struggling with illustrator, I finally learned how to use it in the end.  I learned many things like making shapes, rounding corners, deleting and adding parts (etc).

Something I would change is painting my layers, I felt like the color of my layers weren’t very accurate, I should have spent more time discovering the correct colors before I painted. If I could redo my painting, I definitely would.

Overall, I think my light-box was a success because I recreated the scene pretty accurately and I am proud of it. In conclusion, I think I did a good job overall but there is still room for improvement.




Lysander Characterization Magazine

Link to the story

Link to Shakespeare

The Renaissance: Humanism Infographic

The Renaissance: Humanism Infographic

I think I am 80% (4/5), humanist. I believe in most of the humanisms thinking and philosophy.

Links to Renaissance art 

Links to The Printing Press


The Paw of Punishments

The Paw of Punishments

Be careful of what you wish for… because you might receive it… “The Monkey’s Paw” is a short horror story written by W.W. Jacob, the “Monkey’s Paw” being a magical item that can grant three wishes to its owner. The concept of this story is punishing the greedy ones who desire to use the “Monkey’s Paw”. The theme of this story is that you should always believe in fate, and never try to change it. 

On the last sentence on page 1, it quotes: “‘An old fakir put a spell on it (The Monkey’s Paw). He was a very holy man and he wanted to show that fate ruled people’s lives, and that to interfere with fate only caused deep sadness.’” (Jacobs 1) This quote gives an explanation of why the “Monkey’s Paw” is created, and at the same time, explains the theme of the book. The quote says that people interfering with fate would experience deep sadness as a punishment, proving that the sole purpose of the “Monkey’s Paw” is to teach people not to mess around with fate. Further, along with the story, the White family became the owner of the magical paw and wished for 200 pounds in money. Although their wish came true, the consequences also came: “ ‘He became trapped in the machinery’ said the visitor in a low voice.”(Jacobs 4) After the family wished for 200 pounds, they found out that the son died while working for a company, and they received 200 pounds from the company as an apology note. This quote supports my claim because the White family were punished because they tried to change their fate, ultimately losing a family member. 

In conclusion, the story teaches people to accept fate and be careful about what they do, acting as a warning for those who are ungrateful. 


Link to the story: 

Link to the Author 

Fish Cheeks Found Poem

Found Poem:

Poem explanation:

This poem was created with the word in the short story, “Fish Cheeks”. The main conflict in this story is Character to Self because the narrator wants to be more American and is embarrassed by her culture. After her family invited her crush over for a Chinese tradition Christmas dinner, she felt miserable and doesn’t like the way her family members act toward her American crush. Which is why I added verbs like “reach” “dip” and “lick” in the poem. But after many years, she understands her mother’s word; “your only shame is to have shame” which is also included in the poem. Overall the poem identifies the conflict and leaves the conclusion and theme a mystery.  

About the author



Covid 19 fake news

Link to Ppt


The ppt debunks a lot of popular fake news by using lateral reading and comparing trustworthy websites. The ppt mainly talks about fake cures, possible cures, and other fake news.

All of the sources are included in the ppt.

Reflection on Driving Question

As Project Collision shifted due to the Covid-19 virus from a collaborative school project to an individual home project. Some big challenges that I faced were lack of communication and materials. At first, I was very stressed and didn’t know what to do when facing these problems, but eventually, everything works out fine and I was able to get back to work as normal. To overcome these challenges, I connected with other students by creating a WeChat group where we can help each other when needed. And for materials, I found some substitutes at home to replicated my original plans. Before this project, I used to think that testing wasn’t that important, and I should just design and create with my original plans. But now I think testing is a crucial part of making something because it allows you to improve more and more throughout each design. For example, when we just started brainstorming ideas for the parachute, I thought that the 48cm (diameter) parachute was the best and I should defiantly use it for the final design. But after some testing, I found out that the 48cm (diameter) parachute was too small and couldn’t provide enough drag for the package, so I used the 58cm (diameter) parachute instead.   Looking back on project collision, I learned that using data to support my decisions was very important. Mainly because it allowed me to make the most accurate and the best decision that is proven by facts. One area where data supported my thinking was when I decided to use the 58cm (diameter) parachute for my final design. I choose the 58cm (diameter) parachute because data shows that it provided more drag and made the package fall slower than all the other parachutes I made. Without data, I might have chosen the 48cm (diameter) which would have turned out a lot worse.

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