Chinese buddhism video Chuck, Nicole, Chetali, Yifan

This video is talking about Chinese Buddhism.
We made this on our humanities class, Yifan and me are finding the picture,
Nicole and Chetali are doing reaching on the internet, and I am also editing
the video.

Enjoy the video!

I love humanities!

Cuban revolution Journal

Geraldo is a Cuban businessman, He worked very hard, but at last, he got moved into Florida sadly because Batista lost the revolution.

In the Cuban revolution, things that have been changed are the President and the locations. Things that have not been changed are Geraldo.


Very Interesting Cuban Revolution Video

Bruce and I made it

The video is mainly talking about how Castro won this revolution and what are the top three important things that happened in the revolution, I learned how they won this revolution using different kind of ways

Blog post about “The 57 bus”

“The 57 bus” is a book by Dashka Slater. The book focuses on the lives of two teenagers and  their struggles with gender inequality. The author tells the story of why and how these young people were being bullied and the concequnces of bullying. It is based on a true story. The theme of my book are gender inequality because the reason that people are bullying are there gender and there sexuality, bisexual, homosexual, asexual and more. 

First, On page 57, Sasha asked if there is a toilet for a-sexual, and his mom got mad because of this. Second, On page 126, People want to light up his skirt because they think that its weird when a man wearing skirt. 

To conclude, You should read it because it actually tells you true things that is happening in the world right now, and it also tells you how terrible it is to get bullied by people. 






Light box blog post

For our product design unit, we were making a light box of a landscape that is special to us or a landscape that you want to make , for my light box, I choose to make an effile tower, even tho I didn’t get a chance to go there, but I heard that its very beautiful when you are looking at the tower from the square.

I learned many things while making the light box, for example, Adobe illistrater, how the laser cutter is working. For Adobe illistrater, I learned that how to use multiple tools inside the app, what should you use when you need to make the line red or black, but sometimes is also very hard to use, because there are just too many tools and its a bit complicate to find where are the tools at, we used noun project for our main picture resources. I also improved my tool using skills, such as small knife, hot glue gun, and painting.

There are several things that I would like the change about my light box, First, I hope that i have time to make a cover on the top to make the light box better. Second, i would like to clean my light box inside because there are too many hot glue inside while i was glueing my light inside the light box.

Magazine Lysander

Extra imformation: Lysander

Extra imformation: AMSD

How humanist am I

read the poster to test out if you are a humanist!!!

The Aged Mother Theme

 The Aged Mother Theme

With the crown of snow, there cometh wisdom!”’(Basho 2). When the emperor in this story learns an old person’s wisdom he changed the rule of the country to not kill old people, so the power of wisdom is very important. There is a rule in the province that old people will get killed because the emperor was very afraid of getting old, but once he met a very hard problem he went to ask a poor old farmer’s mother, and she solved the problem so from that time, they changed the rule to not kill old people because they have more experience than other people. The power old people’s wisdom is very important because they have more experience and it can help solve problems.


Firstly, In the story “The Aged Mother”, by Matsuo Basho, the author believes that the power of old people’s wisdom is very important because they have more experience and it can help solve problems. Near the end of the story, the government sent an order to make them make the rope of ashes, which is impossible to do. The aged mother said, “’I will think. I will think’. On the second day she told him what to do. ‘Make rope of twisted straw,’ she said. ‘Then stretch it upon a row of flat stones and burn it on a windless night.’” (Basho 2). When the son haves problem and he went to go ask his mother, and she told him to burn the rope at a windless place, and this shows us the wisdom of old people Because the mother solved the problem for his son. Secondly, “The mountain road is full of dangers. LOOK carefully and follow the path which holds the piles of twigs. They will guide you to the familiar path farther down”(Basho 2). She is very wise because leaves the path for her son to follow because it’s too dangerous.

To conclude, The power of old people’s wisdom is very important because they have more experience and it can help solve problems.

The Aged Mother

Thank you Ma’am Found Poem

Found Poem:

Poem Explanation:
This poem was created with the words in the short story, “Thank you Ma’am”. I think the main conflict in Thank you ma” am is character vs character. Mainly because Roger tries to steal Mrs. Jones’s purse. But instead of punishing Robert, Mrs. Jones takes Robert home and teaches him the rights and the wrong. This poem clearly shows the conflict between Mrs. Jones and the main character. The poem uses sentence fragments like “tries to snatch the purse” and “The boy fell on his back” to describe what happened during that day. Overall, the poem describes the conflict and leaves the theme out for the readers to guess.
About the Author

Lagacies from ancient Rome and China

Mental Health summative assessment

Option 2: Choose this option if you feel like your tech habits never cause you to leave the Green Zone.

Part A: Answer the following questions:

A) Describe how you feel and act when your mental health is thriving in the Green Zone?

Response: I feel I am connected with the community when my mental health was thriving with the green zone, also I feel like I always have something to do, like study or do sports and others.

B) Describe the tech habits and strategies you use to keep you in the Green Zone.

Sometimes, I will have an alarm on my phone before I playing game or doing something on my phone, so when it will help me a lot when I play games because usually people don’t look at the time when playing game, so the alarm tells me, when should I have a rest, when should I not play and go to study. Another way is to not watch TikTok and stuff like that, because it will attrack you, there is a function, that TikTok have, they will count what do you like to watch, and they will give a lot of things about it, so you will keep watching it and watching it. Also, some people will post some thing good about then on Instagram, for example, a girl was watching instagram, and then, he saw that there was a picture of a very pretty woman, so she is thinking, “i wish i also look like that”, but the actual thing is, the picture of the woman on Instagram was fake, the woman was not very pretty but they photoshop the picture to make the woman look better, so this makes people want to look like the person, so you will spend money on it. so don’t trust any picture of a person that looks very pretty or handsome, because the picture might get photoshop, and its fake.


Part B: You are going to write a Mental Health ‘How to Guide’ for 6th Graders who are new to tech use. For some, it’s the first time they get a smartphone. For others, it’s their first laptop. You may also write this for “Future you” if you currently don’t use much tech, but may start in the future.

1) What do they need to be mindful of with regards to gaming and/or social media use? What advice can you give about popular apps (like WeChat) or certain ‘addictive’ games? (Use what you know about the positives and negatives of gaming/social media use and how they can affect the brain and mental health).

I think they should not play games at school, because it will distract them to study, but at home, u have played games as a rest or entertainment, but not for a long time, if u play games for a long time, you will have a hard time sleeping and study doing homework, so I think they should have an alarm, to tell them when to study when to eat and when you can play game.

2) What are some good tech habits/strategies to stay in the thriving Green Zone of Mental Health?

same question as the first one.

3) Describe some strategies they could use if their mental health becomes unsettled or if they start to struggle in the Yellow or Orange Zone? Explain how or why these strategies can help them get back to the Green Zone.

what i think is put down ur phone or some that distract you for 5 days, do not bring it to school, and do not use it.




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