G6 Spring Overnight Trip

What new skills did you learn?

We went on an overnight civilization trip at Shimenshan Park. Overall I thought the plan for this trip was pretty organized, everything was all right. I noticed that everyone engaged in the civilization game that the Imagine team planned out, and I had a very fun experience.

What did you learn?

On the trip, I learned a lot of fascinating techniques of survival with our instructor, Will. He taught us how to purify river water, which was quite useful if you were actually lost in the woods. Also, he taught us how to find water, he said that if you detect birds or animals at dawn or dusk, follow it because they usually go to the river to drink water at that time of day.

What was the most challenging part of the trip?

The most challenging part of the trip was agreeing on things, because at first when we settled down some of our group members did not have a seat and one of our group members didn’t agree with us before he traded, and he wasted flint and steel for a chair. Will, the instructor said that honestly, it was the worst thing he had ever seen someone traded. We also had small debates on ideas people made.

What advice would you give to the next group?

I would say that a piece of good advice is to start by making rules first before you start anything so that you can know what is permitted to do in your tribe and what is not permitted to do in your tribe. Also, don’t be too self-centered when you’re in your tribe, you’re not the only one in your tribe, because to make civilization the point is the work together to be successful.


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