How do I know if I really, really understand something?

What I learned

Looking back on Project Self, I learned that when trying to understand something it takes time. For example, in a situation like math, learning something and understanding it completely, needs time, because I have to keep practicing so we can master the new skill. Also, when I practice constantly, I start to remember the skill and master it. When I try to find a strategy to understand something, I always tell myself there is a process I have to go through before completely understanding something properly. I also get help from my peers and teachers when I am having a problem with something I can’t understand. If I still do not understand I would go on to a browser to discover how the thing is done.

 Big idea

Looking back on Project Self, I realize that Looking over the Understanding Map, making connections is the most important for me. Because when I make connections, I can use some strategies from other classes that I can use with other work in FA, it can help me on understanding properly. For example, I would say math is can connect with science because I can model out my data, so then I use the modeling techniques I learned in math to use it. In science. As I continue learning in the future, I hope to understand properly by using these strategies to guide me through FA7.

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