Scythe Book Review  


If you like Horror and Science Fiction, “Scythe” Written by National Book Award-winning Neal Shusterman is just the book for you. Written by Neal Shusterman the book “Scythe” starts in a world where diseases are eliminated, and the only way to die is to be picked to be killed, or what Scythes call “gleaning”. Rowan and Citra were chosen to be “Scythe Faraday’s” apprentices, and through the process of being aapprentice, Rowan and Citra have to be taught the art of killing and kill craft. 

But when it comes to the end, they will have to fight each other, and whoever loses has to be “gleaned” right away.  

In the beginning, the book Scythe has given me some challenges to read, but as I go forward into the book the twists in the book make me motivated to read more, Scythe is a book I really like and now I am even reading the second book “Thunderhead”. 


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