How do I make good choices for myself and my community?

What I learned

Looking back on Project Self, I learned that when we make decisions as a community, we sometimes can’t agree on the final decision. For example, some people have different angles of looking at things, but not everyone has the same idea, if everyone had the same idea then no new ideas can be created, and nothing can be new. So that is why agreeing with the whole group can be somewhat challenging to deal with when you are working as a group.

Big idea

Looking back on Project Self, I realize that for me making choices can sometimes be pretty challenging. For example, I sometimes think to myself, when I act does it benefit me, and how does it affect the people around me? Or when I act does it benefit me but also keeps me off task? These are some of the questions I sometimes ask myself. To be honest, sometimes I don’t even process those question first, I just do what benefits me, that is what I find challenging.

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