Exit Note Review

Science Exit Note 1

I notice on the 1st exit note I did in science, I did not put enough effort and the spaces where blank, part of the reason was that there was a substitute and I did not understand what the 5th box was, but also I was getting pretty distracted. I felt that I was not getting enough information on that day. Looking forward to next week, I wonder what will happen if there is a substitute in class, will I get enough information?

Science Exit Note 2

I notice on the exit note I did in science, I put in a lot of writing, and I showed my thinking with evidence, it kind of reminds me when I am focused in class. I make me feel kind of proud because I accomplished all the sections of the exit ticket, and also I put a lot of effort into it, on that day of science I was understanding a lot. From this information, I now realize that this is an example of how my exit note would look like when I am focused.


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