Project Collision


Drone deliveries are gradually providing companies faster delivery services, but problems happen all the time. For example, people oftentimes complain that drones land on their property. So, our team and I have come up with a way to solve this problem by dropping the package higher above the ground without damaging the package. We delivered tech accessories because a lot of people in our tech society use a lot of technology.


Our investigation will study how the parachute size affects the accuracy and speed when the package is descending. Before we start testing our prototype, we did some research. This study aims to let the package slow down by increasing the parachute size. My partner and I think that the best size will be a medium to large parachute, According to Kids Discover the larger the parachute is, the greater air resistance there is to slow down the parachute while descending. My partner and I will eventually decide the size of the parachute once the research is finished.


Before testing out the sizes, our group tested dropping the box itself, this was called the Drop Zero test, after the test we collect data from that drop so that we can compare the drop velocity between Drop Zero and the final drop to see if we have managed to slow down the parachute.

Claim:  The average speed of the drops from 1 to 3 was 3.9508 m/s, which means that the package dropped an average of 2.0249063481 seconds while falling down 8 meters.


Evidence: The first drops average speed was 2.991725, the second drops average speed was 5.195125 m/s, the third drops average speed was 3.6655 m/s. add 2.991725m/s, 5.195125m/s and 3.6655m/s then divide it by 3 then the average becomes 3.9508m/s, to find the average amount of seconds of the fall divide 8 by 3.9508m/s it becomes 2.0249063481 seconds.


Reasoning:  Often people think that the mass affects the drop velocity to drop faster, but mass does not affect speed directly due to gravity. It determines how quickly an object can change speed (accelerate) under the action of a given force. Lighter objects need less time to change speed by a given amount under a given force.


Our company, Technical, promises fast and efficient delivery, within your package you will receive tech accessories that you have ordered in the box, we promise our products will not get damaged in the process. The next step to meeting this design criteria is that we will collect data on the parachute size, shape, etc. With our delivery service delivering packages will be faster and more efficient.

















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