Collision DQ_Clarence

As Project Collision shifted due to the Covid-19 virus from a collaborative school project to an individual home project, a big challenge that I faced was finding the right material for my parachute, this was a very large problem considering if I did not find the right supplies for my parachute it could have affected my data I was gathering. To overcome this challenge, I found some of the supplies that were required for my parachute, at first, I thought that I did not have enough, but when I finished building, I still had so much left.

Before this project, I used to think that I would not finish in time due to the Covid-19 virus and also the lack of time due to the holiday, but now I think that I am on a good track keeping up with everyone else in my group and I feel more confident.  For example, I thought that the Blog Posts were going to take up a lot of time and take out the time for building the parachute, but in the end, I managed to handle the Blog Posts well and could keep up with my group.

Looking back on Project Collision, I learned that collecting multiple pieces of data is important during this process. For example, if you are trying to find accurate data testing numerous times and finding the average makes your data more accurate. One area where data supported my thinking was, although the speed increased a bit the accuracy seemed like it was getting better as the parachute size increased, and my data set in my data table supported my thinking.

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