Ignite Week Rube Goldberg Develop and Plan

I am trying to find out ways to make a successful Rube Goldberg contraption with the materials I am limited at my house and to do so I am going to test different objects that I could use in my contraption.


Some challenges I will face is the lack of space, I only have access to the 3rd floor of my house but only 1/3 of the floor, but it might not be enough to set up the Rube Goldberg contraption, so I might have to simplify my idea later on. Another challenge is some materials, mainly I am lacking tracks for my marbles to roll on, so I will keep finding more materials I can use to make some tracks.


Some hopes I have for this project is that I hope that I will complete in time and run the contraption successfully, this means that I would have to keep testing and testing so that when I do the final test it will be successful, I also hope that while I am building I can maybe add on to my original plan so that the contraption is more interesting.

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