On the Sidewalk Bleeding Thesis Statement

The main character Andy in Evan Hunter’s short story entitled “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” initially believes that he wasn’t going to die but later understands that he is dying from the bullet wound. His changing understanding is revealed through the use of the change of weather, his thoughts, and his interactions with people. For example, paragraph 79 states: “Now in the alley, with the cold rain washing his hot body, he wondered about the meaning. If he died” this explains how the author uses symbolism to escalate events making the scene dramatic. The author also uses Andy’s thoughts to make the reader feel that the scene is building suspense. For instance, in paragraph 87 the author wrote: “He felt weak and very tired. He felt alone, and wet and feverish and chilled. He knew he was going to die now.” As the story continues the author adds in other characters that interact with Andy which eventually makes Andy realize his injuries weren’t minor but could lead him to death. For example, an interaction that the author wrote was: “‘I don’t want to get this mixed up in this. He’s a Royal. We help him, and the Guardians’ll be down on our necks.” (paragraph 66) From that moment on Andy starts to feel negative about himself.

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