Ignite Week Rube Goldberg Create


My original goal for today was to start building the ramp and fix any loose or unstable ramps, and if I finished

the wall-mounted section I can possibly start a bit of the section on the floor, after building just 1/2 of the contraption I will work on Blog Post 3.

Some challenges I face while I was building was that sometimes I would accidentally knock over dominoes on accident and everything would fall down, but then whenever I was working on a new section I used a cube to block dominoes from tumbling if I accidentally knock some down. Another challenge was space, I originally thought that I wouldn’t have enough space, but once I figured out that I had even more space.

Today I started the wall-mounted Rube Goldberg contraption and also the contraption on the floor, and almost finishing the whole contraption, tomorrow I can finish building the contraption and start finalizing the contraption, and possibly film the contraption.