Stories of Future Driving Question

Before Stories of the Future I used to think that the future was utopic, now I think that the future is partially dystopic. For example, before the Stories of the Future, I did not look at the future in a pessimistic way, that is because most of the videos I have watched before were mostly utopic visions of the future. This is important to me because the way I see things in the future might affect how other people see things in the future, not only did I realize that different visions of the future utopic or dystopic, it can also affect how negative or positive we see things.

When I think about the future (2050), I realize that the future may be dystopic or utopic, but it depends if we treat the world well. For example, right now people and organizations are advocating to help clean the ocean, saving water, etc. This means that we don’t know what the future looks like, but we can make what you think the future may look like. Right now I am going to continue to shower for 1-2 minutes, before I used to shower for 5-6 minutes now I have reduced the time of shower and I want to continue.

Exit Note Review

Science Exit Note 1

I notice on the 1st exit note I did in science, I did not put enough effort and the spaces where blank, part of the reason was that there was a substitute and I did not understand what the 5th box was, but also I was getting pretty distracted. I felt that I was not getting enough information on that day. Looking forward to next week, I wonder what will happen if there is a substitute in class, will I get enough information?

Science Exit Note 2

I notice on the exit note I did in science, I put in a lot of writing, and I showed my thinking with evidence, it kind of reminds me when I am focused in class. I make me feel kind of proud because I accomplished all the sections of the exit ticket, and also I put a lot of effort into it, on that day of science I was understanding a lot. From this information, I now realize that this is an example of how my exit note would look like when I am focused.


Becoming an Independant Learning

Looking over my ratings, I think an area of strength is the researching part. For example, whenever I am assigned to write an article I have to research first. And whenever I find a good website by using the C.R.A.P test, I cite my sources and put them in Noodletools so then when I finished writing my article I can still give credit to the author of the cites that I used. This shows how I am good at researching.

Looking over my ratings, one thing I should work on is trying to solve conflicts when it breaks out in groups. The reason why I don’t do this is that I don’t want to get involved with people so I will my best to help the problem so it doesn’t happen again. This is important because if we sove the problem then ur group won’t waste time.


How do I know if I really, really understand something?

What I learned

Looking back on Project Self, I learned that when trying to understand something it takes time. For example, in a situation like math, learning something and understanding it completely, needs time, because I have to keep practicing so we can master the new skill. Also, when I practice constantly, I start to remember the skill and master it. When I try to find a strategy to understand something, I always tell myself there is a process I have to go through before completely understanding something properly. I also get help from my peers and teachers when I am having a problem with something I can’t understand. If I still do not understand I would go on to a browser to discover how the thing is done.

 Big idea

Looking back on Project Self, I realize that Looking over the Understanding Map, making connections is the most important for me. Because when I make connections, I can use some strategies from other classes that I can use with other work in FA, it can help me on understanding properly. For example, I would say math is can connect with science because I can model out my data, so then I use the modeling techniques I learned in math to use it. In science. As I continue learning in the future, I hope to understand properly by using these strategies to guide me through FA7.