The Lost Plate – One Day Grade 6

Why We Decided to Do This:

We decided to do this is because we first looked at some video’s of some stop motion, and we looked at the one using actual food (Here is the link ) and we also saw some lego stop motion that was with real-life objects too ( Here is the link So we were like “oh this is cool we could do this” and we all agreed that we were going to use lego and real objects.

What We Did Well:

Our group did well on time management, for an example, we finished filming the stop motion animation after the first break, and we had the rest of the time editing the video, in the end, we just finished on time.  

What Did We Learn:

We learned how to make characters in the stop motion animation move, especially the big white figure that was there because we found out a way that we can let him walk without our hands holding the figure if we used our hands to let the figure move then it would not have that stop motion effect of things coming to life.

Challenges That We Faced:

One challenged that we faced was moving the characters, moving the characters were one of the hardest parts, for example, if we wanted to let a character fly we would have to think of an idea to solve it. so we solved the problem by attaching a piece of string to the character and hold it up.

Why One Day Is Important:

One Day is important because it’s a day that you can have time to create and also learn new things, and also showing what you made to other students in the exhibition, it makes you proud on what you achieved.



Here is the video