On the Sidewalk Bleeding Thesis Statement

The main character Andy in Evan Hunter’s short story entitled “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” initially believes that he wasn’t going to die but later understands that he is dying from the bullet wound. His changing understanding is revealed through the use of the change of weather, his thoughts, and his interactions with people. For example, paragraph 79 states: “Now in the alley, with the cold rain washing his hot body, he wondered about the meaning. If he died” this explains how the author uses symbolism to escalate events making the scene dramatic. The author also uses Andy’s thoughts to make the reader feel that the scene is building suspense. For instance, in paragraph 87 the author wrote: “He felt weak and very tired. He felt alone, and wet and feverish and chilled. He knew he was going to die now.” As the story continues the author adds in other characters that interact with Andy which eventually makes Andy realize his injuries weren’t minor but could lead him to death. For example, an interaction that the author wrote was: “‘I don’t want to get this mixed up in this. He’s a Royal. We help him, and the Guardians’ll be down on our necks.” (paragraph 66) From that moment on Andy starts to feel negative about himself.

Desire Magazine Cover


by Clarence Chan

I named the title Desire because the word Desire really means a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen, in this case, Lysander wants to be Hermia’s love and be together forever, the word desire is also more of a determined meaning which I also think that it would fit Lysander’s personality well.


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Dogs and Covid-19

The video  above is part 1

The Video below is part 2


Fake or real, that’s the question. News about dogs transmitting the coronavirus actually makes a big impact on owners, shockingly some pet owners abandon their pets or even kill their pets. Found out more by watching the short video.

Myth bust Prototype Dogs and Coronavirus

I wonder how we will film the kind of ad like video and another wonder is if we have enough time to do this, since filming can be a bit hard since we are separated and also if we separately film and the file is too big to send then that is a problem.


I feel like that one way to engage our audience is that the introduction has to hook the viewer, or else the viewer may not be interested, another way to engage the viewer is to pop out facts that make viewers feel shocked and surprised, another way we might use is to give information to viewers so they can learn new facts.

Ignite Week Rube Goldberg Reflection


My biggest fail for this project was accidentally starting the whole chain reaction when I did not want to. The problem was that I had to be very careful not to knock down the dominoes or a marble, but I learned from my mistake and stopped the problem, instead, I used a blocker so whenever I start a new section I use a block and place it between dominoes so they don’t knock down. In the end, my project was successful.

Ignite Week Rube Goldberg Create and Improve 2

My original goals for today was to finish building and finalizing The Cereal Machine first, then record the machine and fix any mistakes during the chain reaction, and possibly start making the video for the exhibition.

My challenges for today was that I had problems with the video, when I imported the video everything seemed fine, but when I realized that the video somehow skips a small part I knew that the clip or Imovie happened to it and skipped. My other problem is that when I imported the video I had already cleaned up the area where the contraption was, so if I wanted to re-record I would have to restart all over again.

A goal for tomorrow is to finish editing the video I am preparing on Friday.

Ignite Week Rube Goldberg Develop and Plan

I am trying to find out ways to make a successful Rube Goldberg contraption with the materials I am limited at my house and to do so I am going to test different objects that I could use in my contraption.


Some challenges I will face is the lack of space, I only have access to the 3rd floor of my house but only 1/3 of the floor, but it might not be enough to set up the Rube Goldberg contraption, so I might have to simplify my idea later on. Another challenge is some materials, mainly I am lacking tracks for my marbles to roll on, so I will keep finding more materials I can use to make some tracks.


Some hopes I have for this project is that I hope that I will complete in time and run the contraption successfully, this means that I would have to keep testing and testing so that when I do the final test it will be successful, I also hope that while I am building I can maybe add on to my original plan so that the contraption is more interesting.

Ignite Week Rube Goldberg

What is a Rube Goldberg Machine?

A Rube Goldberg machine, named after American cartoonist Reuben Garrett Lucius Goldberg, is a machine designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and overly complicated way. Usually, these machines consist of a series of simple unrelated devices, one example could be the pulley. The pulley can change the direction of force, for example, one side of the pulley would be heavier than the other side will start moving up, in this case, the weight of the object is a marble. Usually, a Rube Goldberg machine has a goal, the goal could be getting the marble from point A to point B, or it could perform a simple task.



The Rube Goldberg machine was named after the American cartoonist Reuben Garrett Lucius Goldberg, best known as Rube Goldberg. Rube Goldberg was born in San Francisco (July 4, 1883) and died in New York in (December 7, 1970). Rube Goldberg’s cartoons were based on complicated gadgets that could perform simple tasks indirectly.  Goldberg is the inspiration for international competitions known as Rube Goldberg Machine Contest which challenges participants to create a complicated machine to perform a simple task.


This picture is an inspiration of what I might want to do, this shows a Rube Goldberg machine mounted on a wall. I chose this picture as an inspiration because I really like how not only does it look simple but I like all the elements on this Rube Goldberg contraption, but I would like to make a few changes to some tracks and extend the Rube Goldberg machines with dominoes, more chain reaction, etc.






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