Project Collision 4

Project Collision 4


In the design cycle, there are three stages to pass, each stage will have a reflection. I am currently at the third stage, Create and improve. Our company, Technical, promises fast and efficient delivery, within your package you will receive tech accessories that you have ordered in the box, we promise our products will not get damaged in the process. To ensure that the package is safe, my partner and I are building prototype parachutes to test which size the parachute is the best for landing softly but accurate. Our goal is to drop the package within 50cm close to the target. Currently, due to the Coronavirus, I am having trouble accessing some information at school and also having trouble working with my partner since we are not allowed to go out, so my partner and I have decided to make our prototypes by ourselves, which also is a small problem for my partner but eventually he figured it out, I have no variables to change since I have the materials I need.



  1. Person A set up iPhone so that it is at an angle so that the camera can see the railing to the target (4 large steps back from the target center
  2. Person B adjust the arm or bamboo stick so that the positioning of the parachute is aligned center of the target
  3. Person B hook the hook on the package onto the bamboo stick and start final readjustment
  4. Start recording count down (3, 2, 1)
  5. Count down for three seconds after the recording count down (3, 2, 1, GO)
  6. Person B let the bamboo stick go at an angle down so the package can drop
  7. Wait until the package has met the ground then stop video
  8. Put the video in logger pro
  9. Analyze data and record into the data table
  10. Then record which side the package landed (Right, left, center)
  11. Repeat steps 1-12 with the other two variables


This is my data table after I dropped the parachute. The independent variable that I am changing is the size of the parachute (38cm, 48cm, 58cm diameter) and the dependent variable on my data table is the speed of the fall (m/s and the accuracy of the fall (Left, Right Center). For the speed of fall, I did three trials for each size to make my drop speed accurate, for the 38cm (diameter) the average was -1.66 m/s the accuracy was not good since they all landed out, for the 48cm (diameter) the average speed was -1.3 m/s, the accuracy was better than the 38cm parachute since the spill hole increased, for the 58cm (diameter) the average of the speed of fall was -1.32 m/s, the accuracy was very good and it landed center / 50cm two times and landed left-center / 50cm one time.


  • LDPE Plastic
  • Box
  • 8 strings


Dimensions (diameter):

  • 38cm
  • 48cm
  • 58cm


Since the Coronavirus situation is very serious, I had to change somethings. One thing I had to change was the box, I could not find the box with the same dimension, but I got the box that was about the same weight as the box and the item. I also had to change the material of the strings since I did not have the fishing line, so instead, I got yarn instead to substitute the fishing line.



Project Collision 3

My drop zone is located outside my back yard, 5 meters high from the porch to the ground. My sister and I will use a long bamboo stick to adjust the positioning and the box determines the landing spot, the landing boxes are 1 by 1 meter, 50cm by 50cm, and the center marked by the flowerpot.

Some challenges I will face are the materials for the parachute so I might modify the material such as the fishing line to the closest yarn since that might be the only thing, I have that is flexible in my house. And for the parachute canopy I will use the baggage claim bags that are transparent. Also, a challenge is the weather climate if it is going to be windy or not since that will also affect the landing point of the parachute and the package.


Some constraints I have is the space for me to take the video and the distance between the package and the window behind it since the package can hit the window, also if the weather is windy outside I might have to wait until it settles.

Project Collision 2

Project Collision 2


Our company, Technical, promises fast and efficient delivery, within your package you will receive tech accessories that you have ordered in the box, we promise our products will not get damaged in the process. To ensure that the package is safe, my partner and I are studying how the size of a parachute affect the drop velocity while descending, our goal is to drop the package within 50cm close to the target.


Claim: We believe that the larger the parachute size is, the slower the package descends.


Evidence: In the previous blog post, the average time of all the three drops was 2.0 seconds. My partner and I believe that the larger the parachute size is, the slower the package drops. In our research we found out that the size of the parachute does affect the speed of falling because the larger a parachute is, the greater drag force there is, (or in other words, it allows it to displace more air, causing it to fall more slowly.) If an object falls without a parachute it will fall quickly.


Buddies, Science. “Skydiving Science: Does the Size of a Parachute Matter?” Scientific American, 2020 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, A DIVISION OF SPRINGER NATURE AMERICA, INC., 6 Sept. 2012, Accessed 21 Jan. 2020. 

“Skydiving.” The Physics Classroom, 1996-2020 The Physics Classroom, Accessed 21 Jan. 2020.  

         UCSB Science Line. The Regents of the University of California, Accessed 21 Jan. 2020. 


This data table shows the independent and dependent variables. The dependent variables are the speed of fall (m/s) and the accuracy of fall (Left or Right). The independent variable is the size we are changing in diameter, 38cm, 48cm, and 58cm.

This is our design plan for our parachute, these are the design constants:

  • Parachute shape= circle
  • Number of ropes= 8
  • Length of ropes= 40cm
  • Number of spill holes= 1
  • Number of parachutes= 1
  • The material of parachute= plastic
  • The material of ropes= fishing line

Our variable that we will change throughout the three drops is the size of the parachutes, small, medium, large. Size 1 will be 38 cm in diameter, size 2 will be 48cm in diameter, size 3 will be 58cm in diameter.



  1. Set up iPad
  2. Adjust arm of the dropper
  3. Adjust the hook
  4. Switch on the black box (controller)
  5. Turn on the remote controller
  6. Hook package onto the hook
  7. Start recording before counting down
  8. Count down for three seconds
  9. Press the “R’ button at the top right area
  10. Stop video put the video in logger pro
  11. Analyze data and record into data table
  12. Repeat steps 1-12 with the other two variables

Project Collision


Drone deliveries are gradually providing companies faster delivery services, but problems happen all the time. For example, people oftentimes complain that drones land on their property. So, our team and I have come up with a way to solve this problem by dropping the package higher above the ground without damaging the package. We delivered tech accessories because a lot of people in our tech society use a lot of technology.


Our investigation will study how the parachute size affects the accuracy and speed when the package is descending. Before we start testing our prototype, we did some research. This study aims to let the package slow down by increasing the parachute size. My partner and I think that the best size will be a medium to large parachute, According to Kids Discover the larger the parachute is, the greater air resistance there is to slow down the parachute while descending. My partner and I will eventually decide the size of the parachute once the research is finished.


Before testing out the sizes, our group tested dropping the box itself, this was called the Drop Zero test, after the test we collect data from that drop so that we can compare the drop velocity between Drop Zero and the final drop to see if we have managed to slow down the parachute.

Claim:  The average speed of the drops from 1 to 3 was 3.9508 m/s, which means that the package dropped an average of 2.0249063481 seconds while falling down 8 meters.


Evidence: The first drops average speed was 2.991725, the second drops average speed was 5.195125 m/s, the third drops average speed was 3.6655 m/s. add 2.991725m/s, 5.195125m/s and 3.6655m/s then divide it by 3 then the average becomes 3.9508m/s, to find the average amount of seconds of the fall divide 8 by 3.9508m/s it becomes 2.0249063481 seconds.


Reasoning:  Often people think that the mass affects the drop velocity to drop faster, but mass does not affect speed directly due to gravity. It determines how quickly an object can change speed (accelerate) under the action of a given force. Lighter objects need less time to change speed by a given amount under a given force.


Our company, Technical, promises fast and efficient delivery, within your package you will receive tech accessories that you have ordered in the box, we promise our products will not get damaged in the process. The next step to meeting this design criteria is that we will collect data on the parachute size, shape, etc. With our delivery service delivering packages will be faster and more efficient.

















The Pearl of Orient

Imagine, if you were surrounded by water that goes down to about 30 meters deep, collapsing buildings tumbling one after another, but you just think It’s never going to happen. 14-year-old Li Yang and his best friend Zu Lin have no place to take shelter as the buildings collapse down into the deep dark blue water bellow there feet, they have no choice but to try and survive. But one night Li Yang dreams of hearing a voice and telling him to find The Pearl of Orient, but the dream did not last long and once he woke up his life soon would change forever.


To find out more about this adventure click here

Collaboration Tinker Cad

Dear Aidan and Hayden,

Thank you for working with me on our habitat design. One of the places where this habitat connects to my story is that before the flood the character’s apartment is very comfortable with pillows. Also in my apartment, I have included a lounging area in the apartment.
As a team, I’ve been impressed with our ability to share responsibilities. For example when we split our jobs. When we worked as a team, I wish we could have been better at only working on your own part in the apartment, I think this is important because the section in my part of my apartment is supposed to be related to my story. I think I should tell my group mates about this agreement and change the problem.




How do I make good choices for myself and my community?

What I learned

Looking back on Project Self, I learned that when we make decisions as a community, we sometimes can’t agree on the final decision. For example, some people have different angles of looking at things, but not everyone has the same idea, if everyone had the same idea then no new ideas can be created, and nothing can be new. So that is why agreeing with the whole group can be somewhat challenging to deal with when you are working as a group.

Big idea

Looking back on Project Self, I realize that for me making choices can sometimes be pretty challenging. For example, I sometimes think to myself, when I act does it benefit me, and how does it affect the people around me? Or when I act does it benefit me but also keeps me off task? These are some of the questions I sometimes ask myself. To be honest, sometimes I don’t even process those question first, I just do what benefits me, that is what I find challenging.

Becoming an Independant Learning

Looking over my ratings, I think an area of strength is the researching part. For example, whenever I am assigned to write an article I have to research first. And whenever I find a good website by using the C.R.A.P test, I cite my sources and put them in Noodletools so then when I finished writing my article I can still give credit to the author of the cites that I used. This shows how I am good at researching.

Looking over my ratings, one thing I should work on is trying to solve conflicts when it breaks out in groups. The reason why I don’t do this is that I don’t want to get involved with people so I will my best to help the problem so it doesn’t happen again. This is important because if we sove the problem then ur group won’t waste time.


Scythe Book Review  


If you like Horror and Science Fiction, “Scythe” Written by National Book Award-winning Neal Shusterman is just the book for you. Written by Neal Shusterman the book “Scythe” starts in a world where diseases are eliminated, and the only way to die is to be picked to be killed, or what Scythes call “gleaning”. Rowan and Citra were chosen to be “Scythe Faraday’s” apprentices, and through the process of being aapprentice, Rowan and Citra have to be taught the art of killing and kill craft. 

But when it comes to the end, they will have to fight each other, and whoever loses has to be “gleaned” right away.  

In the beginning, the book Scythe has given me some challenges to read, but as I go forward into the book the twists in the book make me motivated to read more, Scythe is a book I really like and now I am even reading the second book “Thunderhead”. 


G6 Spring Overnight Trip

What new skills did you learn?

We went on an overnight civilization trip at Shimenshan Park. Overall I thought the plan for this trip was pretty organized, everything was all right. I noticed that everyone engaged in the civilization game that the Imagine team planned out, and I had a very fun experience.

What did you learn?

On the trip, I learned a lot of fascinating techniques of survival with our instructor, Will. He taught us how to purify river water, which was quite useful if you were actually lost in the woods. Also, he taught us how to find water, he said that if you detect birds or animals at dawn or dusk, follow it because they usually go to the river to drink water at that time of day.

What was the most challenging part of the trip?

The most challenging part of the trip was agreeing on things, because at first when we settled down some of our group members did not have a seat and one of our group members didn’t agree with us before he traded, and he wasted flint and steel for a chair. Will, the instructor said that honestly, it was the worst thing he had ever seen someone traded. We also had small debates on ideas people made.

What advice would you give to the next group?

I would say that a piece of good advice is to start by making rules first before you start anything so that you can know what is permitted to do in your tribe and what is not permitted to do in your tribe. Also, don’t be too self-centered when you’re in your tribe, you’re not the only one in your tribe, because to make civilization the point is the work together to be successful.