Christopher’s Journal

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For this task, we were instructed to create a journal of a character living through the time period that we previously researched (American Revolution). Christopher born and raised in Massachusetts is a candlemaker facing the crucial acts the Parliament had passed so that Britain could cover the cost of the previous war, eventually, Christopher had enough of these sick acts, so were many others. With the anger rising up in the society around him, he’s no longer afraid to put out his opinions.


The American Revolution in Plain English

Our assignment for humanities was to create a video with all our knowledge about the American Revolution, our video begins after the end of The French and Indian war to the Treaty of Paris in 1783. We collaborated very well during the making of this video, we came across some challenges for instance one of our group members was sick during the making process of this video, but my other teammate and I spent a lot of effort into completing this video, and we eventually were satisfied with the outcome. Please enjoy our video “The American Revolution in Plain English”