Do the Boxers Deserve a Bad Rap

Around the 1900s, the Boxers also know as the rebels, referred to by Westerners caused many missionaries and Christians to die, which therefore I think the Boxers should deserve a bad reputation. According to Jeremiah, the tour guide of our trip, “The Boxers were angry and blamed the churches for causing droughts in Shandong, so they burned many catholic churches and killed many people in the churches.” This showed how the boxers hated the Western culture by accusing the Westerners of the droughts because of the churches even though the churches did not cause this to happen. In the Legation quarters, the Boxers were damaging the legations and killing many Christians in that area, which tour guide Jeremiah also stated, “The boxers a placed a bomb under the french legation, which caused partial damage to the French legation, this forced the french and Austrians to refuge in the British legation.” The bombing that caused partial damage to the legation was more of like a warning to the other legations in that area, they recklessly plundered and set on fire to the Belgian legation, during the war which many were killed. In some of my evidence collected showed how cruel the boxers were stated that “The German Minister, Clemens von Ketteler, and German soldiers captured a Boxer and executed him. In response, thousands of Boxers burst into the walled city of Beijing that afternoon and burned many of the Christian churches and cathedrals in the city, burning some victims alive, and Clemens von Ketteler was executed.” As a result, all the cruel doings of the boxers resulted in bad relationships with Westerners, the brutal killings of the Boxers really show why the Boxers deserved a bad reputation.