Stories of Future Driving Question

Before Stories of the Future I used to think that the future was utopic, now I think that the future is partially dystopic. For example, before the Stories of the Future, I did not look at the future in a pessimistic way, that is because most of the videos I have watched before were mostly utopic visions of the future. This is important to me because the way I see things in the future might affect how other people see things in the future, not only did I realize that different visions of the future utopic or dystopic, it can also affect how negative or positive we see things.

When I think about the future (2050), I realize that the future may be dystopic or utopic, but it depends if we treat the world well. For example, right now people and organizations are advocating to help clean the ocean, saving water, etc. This means that we don’t know what the future looks like, but we can make what you think the future may look like. Right now I am going to continue to shower for 1-2 minutes, before I used to shower for 5-6 minutes now I have reduced the time of shower and I want to continue.