Fish Cheeks Found Poem

Fish Cheeks Found Poem:

In the story “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan, I think the external conflict in this story is Man vs Society. For example, In paragraph 2 the main character talks about how she is embarrassed by the manners that her relatives have and describes it as “noisy” and “shabby.” She also compares the food that Americans eat and the food that Chinese people eat. In my poem, I use words like “terrible,” “appalling” to describe how the character feels about her own culture, these words I chose are strong and fit in with my the poem well, other words help my poem tell the story, but it is more of an abstract poem. For the background, I chose lined up fishes since the stories climax is where her father passes Amy a fish cheek, and I chose to cut the words out and glue it on the background to make the poem look more dramatic and make it look as if what Amy was thinking in her mind.

Links to more information about the author and the conflict: