The first musical I ever performed was in grade 5, We Are Monsters. I played the role of the “Main Vampire”. I first decided to join drama because of my sister, she also started drama from middle school and I wanted to be just like her. Turned out, I loved drama and being onstage so I continued throughout middle school. We basically just followed the traditional drama practices from auditions to running lines to one to one practices to off book to costumes to mics then the show. This experience taught me how a lot of techniques that I continued using in drama club and theatre class. I remember learning how to breathe and now I can say I can breathe pretty well. The show was fine but I remember very clearly that there was a moment of silence when I was “mad” (in the show) and my mind suddenly went blank but I continued to talk with the same tone even if I didn’t know the lines and I got back on track again. Overall, it was not the best experience but it definitely helped me build a hard base for my theatre progress.