One activity that I remember very clearly was where two people sat on a box and one person was given a prompt to start the scene and the two characters could control anything else they wanted. We had to establish our characters pretty fast in the scene but we didn’t really claim that in our show. This specific exercise really puts the improvisors on the spot because we just have to go with the flow and anything that we say would affect the trail of the scene. Overall, it was a very fun way method to practice improvising.

  1. “I used to think/and now I think…” before coming to this class and doing Improvisation, what did you think and now after several classes, what do you think now?

I used to think improv was just something that we use onstage for performances or if we forget a line, but it’s actually going on everyday in your live. After taking some classes with Mr.Redman, I changed my perspective on improv because we practice our improv skills even when we don’t know we are. I think our theatre improvisation class isn’t just “learning improv” it’s having fun and finding joy in the act of performing.

  1. What is a BIG TAKEWAY or BIG LEARNING or BIG IDEA about improvisation that you will remember? Why will that stick with you?

The biggest takeaway about improvisation is the theatre atmosphere here in this classroom. It will stick with me forever because of my peers and teacher that I am learning with. The joyful atmosphere in improv class teaches us how to use the 7 skills of improvisation in our live in and out of class.

  1. During Improvisation, what did you do well? Describe/explain. What did you struggle with? Describe/explain. And what will help you to become better as an actor or ensemble member

During improvisation, I think I did well on “yes” but I struggled with “and”. I can agree with what another person says and continue with the flow but I don’t think I am able to think of new idea (and) and add on another layer to the scene fast enough. A lot of times, my mind goes blank and I can’t think of anything or I think of questions that won’t build on the theme. Te main reason is because my body tenses up and I can’t talk like in a normal conversation and I just don’t know what to say.