Context (Who and When…)

Born in Moscow, Russia in 1863 (died 1938)

Began as an actor and moved on to become a director and teacher

Parents did not indulge in his passion for theatre so he changed his name

Developed a new system of actor training and development- a new way to approach theatre

It took years of experimenting to get to what is now known as the Stanislavski System

The work that Stan “the man” did help to create what we recognized as ‘good acting’ today. We even give awards to actors who can create the best characters



Learning to relax the muscles and eliminate physical tension while performing.


Learning to think like an actor and to respond to one’s own imagination


Discovering the sensory vase of the work: learning to memorize and recall sensations, often called “sense memorize” and/ or “affective memory”; learning to work from a small sensation and expand it, a technique Stanislavski called “Spheres of attention”


Developing the ability to interact with other performers spontaneously, and with an audience, without violating the world of the play