1. Who am I? Who is your character? Identify all the details: name/age, physical traits, relatives, education, personal opinions, likes, dislikes, hobbies, fears, ethics, and beliefs.

I am Bean, a 16-year old that’s somewhat normal (except for this weird affection towards Travis). I am very protective of my name and I don’t like how Travis wears his Ascott ribbon all the time.

2. What time is it? The year, the season, the day, the minute. What is the significance of time?

Early evening on Halloween, close to winter getting colder (possibly wearing a jacket or sweater). They just finished a picnic and are on their way back home.

3. Where am I? Identify the country, the city/town, the neighborhood, the building, the room, the specific area of the room.

This happens in St.Claire, Minnesota at a sidewalk near a gentle meadow that’s making that gentle meadow sound. They are on their way back to town after a delightful picnic.

4. What surrounds me? What is happening in the environment around you? Weather, landscape, people, animate/inanimate objects.

As they are walking back, they are on a sidewalk near a meadow. We walked over to a bench and I took the Ascott ribbon off.

5. What are the given circumstances? Identify events in the past, present, future. What has happened, what is happening, what is going to happen?

My name comes from a story in the past so it means something to me. Travis does not like my name and neither do I like his Ascott ribbon.  I convince him to take his Ascotto ribbon off and I would change my name. His head fell off after I took the ribbon off but Travis is still alive.

6. What are my relationships? This is more than your relationship with other people. Think about your relationship to objects, characters, and events.

This is my fifth date with Travis, I didn’t know that we were officially dating yet but I guess we are now. I like him but he wears the Ascott ribbon all the time and it’s getting annoying.

7. What do I want? What do you want immediately? What does the character want overall?

I want him to take his Ascott ribbon off because I think his mom is controlling him and I think he is mature enough to not be controlled anymore.

8. What is in my way? What are the obstacles to getting what you want?

He believes that his mom is right so it was hard to convince him to take his Ascott ribbon off. I had to give up my name in order to convince him.

9. What do I do to get what I want? What actions do you take (both physically and verbally)? What tactics?

I told him I was going to change my name into something that he wants but it does not mention that I actually changed it.