Success Criteria

These are some of my ideas to explore further ideas that I could do in the future for improvements or other pathways I could go for. I expanded on the ideas of Collage/photoshoot ideas where I looked deeper into the lighting choices I could do for my photoshoot of the final product. I could have different dress concepts and take photos with different lighting, and I could group them into sections and make small albums. I could choose other background props to make the dress stand out and look appealing to others. Then I looked at the other material I could use in the future to make the dress feel more comfortable and be more durable to fulfill my success criteria. The possible primary material I wanted to explore deeper into is chiffon because it is sheer but has a rough feel to it. It can also have different colors, and it is slightly shimmery, so it looks high-class. I also think that chiffon seems pretty appealing, especially when it drags to the floor or is under specific lighting. I compared two materials together, Nylon and Chiffon, and I created a brief poster for possible future materials. Lastly, I explored the ideas for design ideas of the dress. My favorite idea incorporates the main three elements of chiffon, long length, and caution tape. If I could change the top section to something plain or something different, then leave a long trail of chiffon with ripped and holes dragging behind the dress with tape to cover it up, the video would have more meaning to it like “to cover up the scars in the past. ” This was the dress could look even more high class and spread the message of confidence more.