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Engineering Project- Blogpost 4

Reflect and Share

Show your final product through photos and/or video

These are my final products and the first one works perfectly but the second one has a break when it stops.

Explain how it works/doesn’t work using scientific terminology

This first device works because the elastic is stretched back and the car is bounced off of the elastic band into the space. The energy is transferred from potential energy to elastic energy when a human is pulling the device back and the elastic energy moves the car forwards into mechanical energy. The second product works similarly where the car is able to transfer potential energy from a human pulling the car back and the elastic band winds back and the elastic energy moves the car forwards into mechanical energy. The elastic works by the short, thick, and soft stretched rubber so that the molecules can move about more freely sideways after being stretched. The rubber band returns to its original position. Rubber’s elasticity is due to its connected thin molecules, as well as the movement of these particles. As the car is being pulled back, the elastic is stretched and bounced back into its original place causing the car to propel forwards. For the second product, you wind up the car’s wheel, the rubber band is stretched and potential energy is stored. When you let go, the elastic band begins to unwind, converting the potential energy into kinetic energy as the car moves forward. The further you spin the rubber band, the more energy can be obtained for the car’s wheels, and the car will travel further.

Explain the areas you were successful in the product/process

The main area in that I was successful was the function of my products. Both my products worked as I excepted as they were able to move forwards. The durability of the first product is very strong, it is able to hold many things on top of the car as it is designed to do so. The wheels are very strong and loose so it is able to travel a far distance. The second product was more successful in the entertainment area because when my peers and myself were playing with it, we seemed to have enjoyed the second product a lot. This was because you did not have to wind it back using your hands and hold a launcher, you could just move the car itself back and the car will move forwards.

Explain the areas you need to improve in the product/process

The biggest area that I needed to change about my process was that I should’ve made more improvements to my first design instead of starting a new one. With the time left I had after finishing my first product, I could paint the car or made a road track that the car could move around in. The second device doesn’t work as well because when you wind back the device and release it, it has a break when it stops. I could improve on the durability as well since the durability of the second product isn’t as good because of the materials. The wooden sticks are not as strong because they are only stuck together by hot glue and the sticks itself is not as durable either. The front wheels in the car are also made up of light plastic so the materials of the car could also have been improved. This car also did not meet my standard of being able to carry things because I made two products, I did not have enough time to cut another piece of wood so that it is able to carry extra weight on top.

Explain the impact of this project on the environment, and the potential client/consumer/audience.

The impact of both my projects is that the wheels of the cars are made up of different types of rubber and plastic like the ones on a toy car. This isn’t as environmentally healthy but it can be reused for other things since it is hot glued. If I were to make another car, I can simply take the wheels out of these two and place them on another car and it will still work. The straw I used for the first product is a paper straw which is more environmentally friendly than plastic straws. The wood I used for both projects is scrap pieces of wood I found in the design center which I reused for my project. I can also take apart the rubber bands from the projects and use them to tie other things which I will also be reusing. The only material that I am not reusing is the gears because they are very thin and easy to break so I might not be able to find another project that I can use them in. The potential consumers that I assume will enjoy my car are anyone that is above the age of 6 and under 18. I think children of most ages can find this entertaining because it is much like other toy cars that children play with. I also asked my friends around middle school and high school including myself and everyone has enjoyed this toy.

Engineering Project- Blogpost 3

Create and Improve

Day 1:

I did not have evidence of my project on this day because I did not bring my phone today. Today was the first day in the design studio so we worked on finding materials and double checking with the teachers about our designs. I made some changes to my design because the wood was too heavy I was scared a bottle cap couldn’t support it I wanted to change the materials of the wheels to an actual toy wheel they had in the supply section. I did not gather much feedback and improvements today except for changing thee material of the wood.

Day 2:

After gathering all my materials I started to cut a few pieces of wood. I learned how to use the electric saw from the teacher in the design studio. After cutting the four pieces of wood, I glued the body of the car together. Then I took my materials for the wheels and sticked the straw on the bottom of the car. I made a mistake at first and stuck the straw also on the wheels but that means the car wasn’t able to spin and the car wouldn’t work. I took the wheels apart and put a metal stick through the straw and put the wheels on the two sides. This way, the wheels on the side are able to move but it is still attached to the car itself.

Day 3 (test day):

I put together the launcher today and put the elastic band on the two sides of the launcher. I tested it at first and the elastic wasn’t long enough so I had to put two elastic bands together. I improved the launcher by making the elastic band looser so that the car and move more to the back and the car can be launched even further. I also tried to put other weights on the car (I forgot to record it down) but it worked and was able to carry the things from the launcher to the open space. This car is able to transfer potential energy from me pulling the elastic band back and the elastic energy moves the car forwards into kinetic energy.

Day 4:

I finished the original car I was making last time and I had two more classes left in the design center. I decided to make the other design that I had planned. I gathered my materials and stuck wooden sticks together with hot glue. I used straws and wooden sticks along with two gears as the wheels. I couldn’t finish the car today but I plan on using an elastic band to tie around the stick in the middle of the second stick to the tip of the car. I’m not sure if the wheels can support the car and i will test the car next class.

Day 5 (test day):

Today is the last day in the design center and I finished most of my product. I did not get to put a piece of wood over the car so that it can place objects over. I changed the back wheels of the car into a small toy car wheel because when I used the same sizes gear the car did not move at all. Then I tried to change the gear to a bigger gear but the car only moved a little bit because the car was too light to move forwards. So I changed the back wheels to the toy car wheel and the car gained more weight so it moved forwards and has a lot of speed. This car is able to transfer potential energy from me pulling the car back and the elastic band spins back and the elastic energy moves the car forwards into kinetic energy.

Engineering Project- Blogpost 1

Define and Inquire

What is this engineering task?

Our task is to design, construct, and improve a device that can convert one kind of energy into another. The design must show energy transfer and is durable and safe for a targeted audience. We must try to make it look good and make sure it functions in some way.

What are you thinking about/interested in doing? (this should be multiple ideas/precedents)

I am thinking about making something related to cars because I think cars are very cool and can have a different way to power them. I was also thinking about making it out of something that is reusable or made out of reused pieces. Maybe I can experiment with something with an engine or solar panel because that seems more challenging and I can learn how to use a new device.

Embed images/links/videos of ideas you like/don’t like – comment on what you like or don’t like, and why.

I like this design because it is very small and convenient to bring around. It looks very fun to play with but you will have to rewind the boat with your hands every time. But this boat does look very entertaining and safe to play with. I don’t like this design because I know that wooden sticks are very weak and may break with a little bit of force. I don’t have the same tools he used so I am not sure if I can make this work. There is also a lot of sanding and adjustments needed to be made with this design. it also cannot travel too far and it can’t transfer an object from one place to another.

I like this design because it is very basic and the principle is very easy to understand. I can make some variations to this design because a slingshot is done in the air but I want to make a car that is able to transfer objects so I might want to make it so that it can stand up on the floor. This looks very fun to play with but the speed with it is shot out of the slingshot might be dangerous for the audience. Before playing with this device, make sure there is nobody around you so you don’t hit anyone. I don’t like this design because it is played in the air but for my intention for this project, I can make variations to this design so that I can make sure the slingshot is strong enough to power a bigger object and on the ground.

I like this design because it looks very fun to play with like the toy cars we play with on the floor and drag back so that it moves forwards. This tutorial made me understand the principle of these cars. I like how the materials it uses are environmentally friendly, they are reused from other things like the bottle cap and can still be used if it is broken up. I don’t like this design because it isn’t very durable, I could change the design so that it can move an object. I also don’t like how the car doesn’t have a break to it so it has a slight bounce when it stops.

Define the target audience/ problem/ audience needs you will address.

My target audience is middle/high schoolers that want a toy to relieve stress or be entertained with. This toy is mainly used for entertainment or the transfer of an item. If I am going to be making a car, I want it to be able to move an object from one place to another for the audience.

ANALYZE some of your ideas: What are the pros/cons of each idea? Think about this in the context of the constraints of the project, meeting the needs of the client/audience, etc.

First idea:

This idea is an elastic boat and is powered by a windmill in the middle and an elastic band to rotate the windmill so that it moves forwards. I like this design because the process looks more challenging and I will need to learn new how to use new tools and techniques in order to make this boat. The size of this boat is a bit small so it wouldn’t be able to carry anything which is a con for my intention because can’t transfer objects. In order to power this car, you will also need to rewind the boat which means your hands will get wet and it takes a long time to rewind. Overall, I think that this design is very cool and challenging but it might not fulfill my intentions.

Second idea:

This is a tutorial for a slingshot but I was thinking about making the car shoot out of an elastic band. This means that the toy is able to transfer potential energy into elastic energy and mechanical energy. It is also about transferring an object from one place to another. The design is made out of recyclable material which means it isn’t harmful to the environment. But a factor that I need to consider is the durability of the plastic caps. I am worried if the wood and extra weights on the car would make the car not as stable. This design is very basic but I think it will function properly and is safe for the target audience.

Third idea:

This is a tutorial to make an elastic band-powered car I think that the principle of the elastic is a bit more complicated but the overall process of making this car is a bit fast. I could change the structure of this car so that it is able to carry things on top so that it meets my intentions. This car is also good for the environment because it uses reusable materials like plastic caps. The car also looks very entertaining and you won’t need to rewind the car you only have to drag it back a little and it can go very far. Overall, I think this design will be a very entertaining toy for my target audience but I will need to make changes so that it can meet my intentions.

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